Solway Firth Spaceman

Spaceman photographed in 1964 England ?
Beyond the Lens Unraveling the Enigma of the Solway Firth Spaceman

A firth is a narrow inlet or estuary from the sea, solway firth where the picture was taken is on the border of England and Scotland near Cumbria. The Solway Firth Spaceman as it has been referred to, is a mysterious image that appears in a 1964 photograph taken at this location. The still photo taken by a man named Jim Templeton of his daughter appears to depict a background image of what some believe is a 'spaceman' as it bears striking similarities to space suits of the time. The image went viral, before the word viral in this context came into common usage.

Solway Firth Photo 1964 Spaceman

Templeton claims he did not see anyone present when he took the photograph and there is no reason to doubt his credibility.

Analysis of the photo suggested that the figure was actually Templetons wife Annie, standing with her back towards the camera, her blue dress appearing white due to overexposure.

UFO researcher and Author David Clarke stated in 2014, "I think for some reason his wife walked into the shot and he didn't see her because with that particular make of camera you could only see 70% of what was in the shot through the viewfinder"

Templeton claims that after the photograph went viral he was visited by two men claiming they worked for the UK government. These unidentified men refused to show ID and claimed that due to the nature of their work, they could only be identified by number. Templeton took the visitors to Solway Firth where the picture were taken. Templeton later expressed his belief that the men were hoaxsters and that he never heard from them again.

A missile launch in Australia was aborted because the figures of two large men were seen on the firing range. Technicians who saw his photograph in an Australian newspaper claimed the figures were exactly the same as those that appear in the 1964 photograph of his daughter. [Video ]





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