America' Secret Space Program

Whistle Blower Michael Gerloff

Hidden Agenda NASA and the Secret Space Program


Shortly before becoming a US Marine, Michael Gerloff, while still in High School was privileged to have witnessed a UFO. He states the UFO moved incredibly fast, and that it moved across the entire sky or horizon in a matter of seconds. It basically violated the laws of aerodynamics. As per Gerloff the huge triangular craft landed in a nearby cornfield and eventually hovered over an adjacent water tower. At one point it radiated a red light onto Gerloff and his companion and eventually disappeared either into another dimension or at a speed so incredible that the human mind could not register it properly.

In 1978, Michael Gerloff a USMC recruit on his 2nd day of bootcamp claims he was solicited for a secretive space program known as “20 and back”. He vividly recalls the intake process for his recruitment into this program - the “Space Marines”, but only has partial recall of his service durring his alleged tenure in the 20 and back program. The 20 and back program, assuming it's for real could be what another whistle blower Gary McKinnon discovered when he hacked into Military computers. See: Extraterrestrial Officers

While being recruited for this secretive space program he was told that it would be a 20 year committment. One of his concerns was his seperation from his family and how often he would get to see them. When he voiced his concerns to the recruiter he was told that his family would never even know he was gone ... 20 years and they would never know, think of the implications if this is true.

At the culmination of his Marine Corp hitch and active reserve period in 1984 he tried civillian life for a short period. Gerloff served as an Army Ranger till 1991, and later became a cop in Seattle till-2001. He later served a brief period as a United Nations Peace Keeper in Liberia.


Gerloffs UFO sighting described at the start of this article is what he claims inspired him to begin the enlistment process in the U.S. Marine Corps. He describes how a USMC captain interviewed at bootcamp, and alluded to the triangle sighting as a factor in him receiving a special offer. The captain made an offer to Gerloff to join a “20 and back” Space Program. Gerloff had never reported the UFO to anyone ...

The captain said that he would send a telegram to Gerloff’s parents. In 2016, Gerloff saw the telegram for the first time and it initiated a recall of suppressed memories. The 'Marsgram' is among the evidence supplied by Gerloff in support of his claim of being covertly recruited into a “20 and back” secret space program .