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Evidence of Living Pterosaurs

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On the Island of New Guinea, north of Australia, most local people live in extremely rural isolated communities, many speak ancient local languages and many carry an age old fear and loathing of a very large and ominous creature that glows in the dark as it sails through the night skies. Although it is referred to by various names, the most common are Kor and ropen.

Bio luminescence

Nocturnal creatures that glow are not are product of imagination, the biological phenomena is known as Bio luminescence. It is a well documented natural phenomena, the most commonly known example is the firefly. Bio luminescence has also been observed in fungi, marine vertebrates and invertebrates and microorganisms. Among higher 'more evolved' members of the animal kingdom it has been documented, although rare, in some Owls. -- Review of accounts of luminosity in Barn Owls

pterosaur sightings and mystery lights

Reports of bioluminescent nocturnal predatory flying creatures are common place in Indonesia, they are known locally as the "Kor" . The south pacific Kor and similar creatures which may be smaller, younger versions are known as the 'ropen' both bare striking resemblances to what science dictates the allegedly extinct pteosaurs look[ed] like.

In North America there have been scattered reports from clustered locations of nocturnal flying lights, these reports date back to pre Columbia times in many instances. Quite frequently the regions these lights are reported in coincide with areas in which creatures resembling the allegedly extinct pterosuars, pterodactyls and pteranodons have been sighted.

Over a century ago, in 1903, the Iowa town of Van Meter witnessed the appearance of a winged 'monster' which has since been dubbed the Van Meter Visitor. Reports state that it flew out of an abandoned mine shaft and terrorized inhabitants. One of the giant flying creatures characteristics was a blinding light that it shot out its horn - Bio luminescence. Other characteristics describe the Van Meter visitor as very similar to pterosaurs.

media accounts van meter visitor

Across North America there are reports of 'strange lights' usually seen flying about in isolated locations, oddly these locations are also in the proximity of regions that have had documented Pterosaur sightings. While it is quite possible that many of these mystery lights have perfectly plausible explanations, the possibility that the lights may be the elusive living pterosaurs is intriguing.

Ada, Oklahoma

Kenton, Oklahoma

Peoria, Oklahoma

Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Angelton, Texas

Anson, Texas Video

La Salle and McMullen Counties, Texas

Leon River, Texas

Lufkin, Texas

Marfa, Texas Video

Saratoga, Texas Video

Taos, New Mexico

LaGrange, Oregon [Blue Mountains Light]

Ringold, Washington

Andrews, Maryland

Crisfield, Maryland

Hebron, Maryland

Okisko, North Carolina [Chapanoke Light ]

Brown Mountain Lights, North Carolina Video

Clinton and Roseboro, North Carolina

Cove City, North Carolina

Diamond Grove, North Carolina

Seaboard, North Carolina

Vander, North Carolina

Wilmington, North Carolina

Beaufort County, South Carolina

Summerville, South Carolina

Bingham Lights - South Carolina Video

Cogdell, Georgia

Screven, Georgia

Surrency, Georgia

Chapel Hill, Tennessee

Haldeman, Kentucky

Moorefield, West Virginia

Suffolk, Virginia

West Point, Virginia

Gonzales, Louisiana

Grosse Tete, Louisiana

Crossett, Arkansas

Dover, Arkansas

Gurdon, Arkansas

Blackjack, Missouri

Joplin, Missouri Video

Senath, Missouri

Beauregard, Mississippi

Vernon, Alabama

Oviedo, Florida

Diablo Valley, California

Julian, California

McDermott, Nevada

Silver Cliff, Colorado

Ballard, Utah [Skinwalker Ranch]

Eagle River, Wisconcin

Le Sueur, Minnesota

Watersmeet, Michigan

Cass County, North Dakota

Kalispell, Montana

Hansell, Pennsylvania

Raynham, Massachusetts

Warrenburg, New York

Morris County, New Jersey

Lake Iliamna, Alaska

Loudenville, Ohio

Oxford, Ohio

Willow Springs, Illinois

Francisville, Indiana

Ontario, Canada [Ontario Lights]

Scugog, Ontario

St. Louis, Saskatchewan