Spirit Walker Night Crawlers

Strange Creatures Captured on Video

There are 2 videos that I know of, which purport to show what native American legends describe as a type of spirit walker or night crawler. The first from Fresno California shows a pair of creatures determined to be 3.5 to 4 feet tall.

They are basically a pair legs with a head on top that walk very gracefully, almost as if flowing across the screen. The legs move in a non human fashion and the knees bend in a manner that human legs can not.

The second video claims to be from Yosemite National Park and also shows a duo, one larger and a smaller creature trailing not far behind. Although both videos have been dubbed frauds by the skeptics in part due to the otherworldly surreal nature of the creatures and their motions. Debunkers attempted to duplicate the hoax but could not, as none of the standard hoax scenarios panned out.

These creatures, if that is what they are, appear to be armless and possibly harmless. They have no body or torso, or a minimal one at that. They do however have a head and long legs, and are probably nocturnal meandering through forested areas at night.

A less credible video hails from Peru durring the day light hours See: Stick like alien recorded in Peru!

Allegedly there is a Native America legend to match these sightings, although no information has been recorded for posterity of these legends.

In 1931 in Blythe, California what is known as the Blythe Intaglios were discovered. They are primitive petroglyphs similar to the Nazca lines. They are only idscernible from above and some say some of them bear resemblance to the night crawlers shown in the videos. See: Google Images Blythe Intaglios

Other than the petroglyphs there is no known native art resembling 'night crawlers' , although a few fairly recent statues have appeared online, their origins are uncertain

The imagery brings to mind other legends, not Native American, but more recent. That of the Black Stick Men

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