Do NASA Images Reveal
A Nazi Base on the Moon ?

After the fall of the 3rd Reich, it was rumored that Germans had traveled to the moon and established a base there. Some even speculated the Fuhrer faked his own death, leaving the Earth for the Commies and West to fight over, and lived out his days in an underground lunar lair. While it is true there are strong connections between Foo- fighters, the post WWII ufo phenomena and the Nazi Secret sciences a lunar base is a tad far fetched I thought.

Then the image of a 'Moon Swastika" surfaced. The swastika is allegedly a structure on the moon, in the shape of a swastika. As Arte Johnson from Rowan and Martin [for those of old enogh to recall] would've said "Berry berry interesting"

Nazi Swastika on the Moon

It took some basic due dilligence [about 10 minutes worth] to discover that the so called NASA photos of a nazi swastika on the moon are a hoax. But I feel somewhat redeemed by the fact that the prepetrator claims to have spent a whole 15 minutes to Photoshop the picture.

The photo was first circulated in January 2010 in promotional literature for a movie entitled “Iron Sky.” The movie’s website contained a fictional newspaper The Truth Today, with articles set in the future [At the time 2018]. The lead article is titled “There are Nazis on the Moon” and contains the photo in question. Printed copies of The Truth Today were also handed out at film festivals where the film was shown. Even after this revelation die hard members of the tin foil hat crowd continue to insist it's for real. Some even claim Donald Trump is a Nazi plant from the moon ..... interesting.

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Nazi Bell Project

Reappearance of the Nazi Bell

alien on moon

... While being recruited for this secretive space program he was told that it would be a 20 year committment. One of his concerns was his seperation from his family and how often he would get to see them. When he voiced his concerns to the recruiter he was told that his family would never even know he was gone ... 20 years and they would never know, think of the implications if this is true.


Nazi Saucers

The Nazi Bell Project was reputed to be a bell shaped craft resembling what we have come to call flying saucers. It also resembles what ancient Indians called virmana which may have inspired the Bell project. Upon the Nazi defeat it mysteriously vanished.

Could the Nazi Bell have been inspired by anceint Hindu scriptures and could it also be somewhat responsible for the Post WWII UFO phenomena as well as the mysterious 'Foo Fighters" that began appearing late in the second World War ?

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