Was Moses Stoned ?

Moses The Magician

The ancient Egyptians got stoned, they delved into a number of narcotics that are taboo in Modern society and some we are not all that familiar with. Cocaine, tobacco and even marijuana has been found in the tissue of Egyptian mummies, leaving behind the question of how they obtained it, as some of these drugs weren't supposed to be present in the ancient World.

One drug that the modern world is not all that familiar with is dimethyltriptamine aka DMT, a powerful hallucinogenic. Indigenous Amazonian tribesmen have extracted it from native flora and it is used by the shamans who refer to it by a number of different names but most commonly Ayahuasca. The ancient Egyptians had acess to the same plant based compounds in Acacia wood, which they are known to have used. Acacia wood is also mentioned in the Bible in the book of exodus.

Moses was a high ranking member of ancient Egyptian society having been adopted into the Pharoahs family. He shared in practices employed by the Egyptian Hiearchy and priesthood. DMT assuming it was used, was most likely used by the priests / shamans to attain an 'enlightened state' - somewhat like Timothy Leary 'turn on, tune in, drop out'

Did Moses turn on to DMT - drop out of Egyptian society and flee to the wilderness with his Hebrew flock in tow and tune in the word of Jehovah while high on DMT ?

It has been speculated that when Moses was high on Mt. Sinai he was also high on DMT which helped to fuel his religous experiences. While on Mt. Sinai, he received the Ten Commandments and spoke with a burning bush. DMT causes flashes of light similar to the account described in Genesis in reference to the burning bush.

In the publication 'Time and Mind', Benny Shanon, a professor at Jerusalem's Hebrew University states that events in the Old Testament may actually be historical records of ancient visions by Hebrews high on hallucinogenics. [Biblical Entheogens: Speculative Hypothesis]

Shannion takes his speculation much further than just Moses he also hypothesizes that Adam and Eves Tree of Knowledge offered something more than a lowly apple.