Lunar Anomalies

Alien Ship Abandoned on the Moon

On the Dark Side of the Moon there is an anomaly which bears a striking resemblance to a classic Sci-Fi space ship, a rocket., Cigar shaped , or rocket shaped as the case may be it was taken during the Apollo 15 mission. The image appears in Official NASA photographs ASP15 9630 and ASP15 9625.

There are also retouched and fabricated images , which are not official NASA Images and purported to be from a controversial alleged Apollo Mission -Apollo 20 - but are more than likely fabricated hoaxes.

The anomaly is actually quite large, in fact it would dwarf the Queen Mary or even the Eiffel tower as the scale rendition below demonstrates. Please note that the image used for the scale photograph was taken from the fictitious Apollo 20 saga. The scale however is in accordance with the actual scale of the anomaly photographed by Apollo 15.

The anomaly is so compelling that hoaxers built an entire saga centered around the alleged craft. See - Apollo 20

Lunar Anomaly that resembles a space craft shown to scale

Possible abandoned space craft on the moons surface

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