Alien Outpost on the Moon
Lobachevsky Craters Alien Moon Base

Tales of unnatural intelligently designed structures on the moons dark side have been permeating the conspiracy and ufo fanatic realm for decades.

Researchers as well as crackpots have been tediously wading through NASA photographs since the first Apollo missions and some of their labors have yielded results that merit serious scrutiny. Crackpots no more ?

During the Apollo 14 mission there were some curious conversations amongst the crew pertaining to "roads and tracks" as well as a possible "mining" operation in the vicinity of Moltke Crater. These transcripts were accidentally released decades after the Mission - See "Men on the Moon "..


Researcher Steve Wingate first spotted the Lobachevsky Crater anomaly. He used both Apollo 16 as well as more recent Clementine images and spotted what appears to be a structure or construct apparently not naturally formed. [*1]

The Moon has a surface area equivalent to the land mass of North and South America combined, so it's not surprising that it took almost 30 years to discover the anomaly. A German geologist and scientist Dr. Johannes Fiebag [*2] confirmed Wingate's discovery of an unusual and possibly artificial structure in the decades old Apollo 16 orbital photograph. The image is available via NASA as AS16/10075825.

Lunar Anomalies located at Lobachevsky Crater

References and Footnotes

1. Far Side of the Moon by Jeff Rense.

2. Dr. Fiebag is the Author of several books - in German, no English translations are currently available. He was considered Germany's leading abduction research specialist until his death in 1999. He published many books about alien contact and the abduction phenomenon.