Megahn Markle and Prince Harry Stoned ?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Robots ?
Alien Abductees ?

A video allegedly of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a filming of "Britain's Got Talent" in June 2018 has given birth to phantasmagorical conspiracy theories ranging from having them both stoned out of their gourds to the possibility they have robotic doubles. The most far fetched I came across was that they've been abducted by the Illuminati and replaced with robots. All very interesting so long as you tighten up that ole aluminum skull cap.

My initial inclination was to lean towards the realm of substance abuse. Meghan has a family history of drug use, her nephew is a producer of wacky weed, she confessed to providing hundreds of free joints at her first wedding and her estranged Dad has confessed to indulging in the dust at various stages of his life.

So when Tinkerbell sprinkled Harry and Meghan's Palace with fairy dust, did she snort it !?

Their eyes don't blink, not once. Their faces remain frozen in the same mechanized expression - they have the motions but their certainly not human like. Looks like we got a real heavy duty conspiracy theory on the loose here. But alas, I hate to be a spoil sport, it's all a clever fraud courtesy of Madam Tussaud.

The viral video shows the Duchess of Sussex and her hubby acting in a very peculiar robotic fashion. It is not digitally enhanced or altered in any way. What it actually depicts are two “live figures” created by Madame Tussaud's that were unveiled on Britain’s Got Talent. It is not even astounding robotics but simply two actors wearing life like masks of the Royal duo.

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