Book lying on the Martian Surface

Mars Anomalies Ancient Book

Book photographed on Mars. Anomaly in NASA photographs.

The possibility of it being artificial / Intelligently made, are strong.

Had it been photographed on Earth there would be no question that is an Old Book. But this is Mars, it can't possibly be a Book - or could it ?

The anomaly, photographed in the Gusev Crater, an ancient lake bed filled with sediments, was formed roughly 4 billion years ago.

What appears to be a book has been photographed on the Martian surface by researchers / bloggers at Mars Moon Space Zoom Club

Apollo 20 - NASAs Secret Mission to the Moon

Apollo 18, 19 and 20 were on the drawing board, but cancelled. NASA announced the cancellation of the Apollo program in favor of a new venture - Skylab.

In 2007, a person identifying himself as William Rutledge uploaded several controversial videos to YouTube claiming they were footage from Apollo 20. Apollo 20 allegedly landed near the Delporte Crater primarily to explore a cigar-shaped ship that he claims had been abandoned over a million years ago.

ancient alien ship on the moon

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