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Mans interest in our sister planet Mars goes as far back into antiquity as written language has chronicled. Named for the Roman god of War. The Babylonians called her Nergal after their god of fire and war. The ancient Greeks considered her to be synonymous with their god of war - Ares. Even ancient Hindus equated Mars with war as it was called Angaraka after their war deity. To the ancient Chinese, Mars was was a harbringer of death, war and destruction. All these traditions may well trace to an earlier source or they may all be coincidental.

Fast Forward blowing past the War of the Worlds genre, we arrive at the 1970s when the Viking missions began sending back the first reasonably clear images of the Martian surface and the image of the Face on Mars stoked our interests even further. The world got its socks knocked off with the Cidonia face.

Unfortunately the Cidonia face did not pan out and it is more than likely an accidental illusion fueled by "Pareidolia" our primitive survival instinct to see patterns.

Come the Rovers - trolling the Martian surface and beaming back data bites to Earth. Many of the images we receive are grossly out of place to what we percieve, or what science dictates that the Martian surface should be. We have many instances of "Pareidolia" - but there are way too many unexplained and seemingly unexplainable anomalies to simply shrug off.

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