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By R.A. Rajotte

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When Modern engineers wanted to build a Dam at Maduru Oya in Sri Lanka bulldozers began to unearth and scrape against the brickwork of a previous Dam that had been at the exact spot. Further investigation revealed that engineers of antiquity had made identical calculations and had built a Dam and sluice at the exact spot[*1]. The original Dam was calculated to be roughly 100 feet high and 300 feet long and is considered a masterpiece of ancient hydro engineering.

Tedious Calculations, measurements and surveying was required of modern engineers to ascertain where exactly to locate the dam in order to insure success. State of the art engineering and technical expertise that the "experts" believed only they possessed. "They" of course were at the pinnacle of mans engineering abilities - or so they thought.

Finding a construct of such intelligent design, apparently made by people who were supposed to be at a stage in human development when they were still throwing spears and rocks at one another was quite un-nerving.

" a system of measuring heights and distances must have attained a very high level of efficiency. Their knowledge included some means of ranging out lines and appraising even small differences in elevation. Such gradients would need very precise instruments even today. But even with modern instruments, it would not be possible to improve on the work of the ancient engineers. ...." Brohier Wijesundera - Surveyor [*2]

Local Sri Lankan historians believe the original Maduru Oya Dam was built under the Sinhalese monarchy which reigned from 543 BC till 1815 AD.

There is no record of the Dam in temple archives or historical documents which go back Centuries, the possibility arises that perhaps the Dam preceded the Sinhalese monarchy. It could perhaps have been a project of the same people who built Rama's Bridge ~ Adam's Bridge between Sri Lanka and the Indian Mainland.

Norwegian researchers examined the site and commented that the waterworks would have "impressed a Pharoah". The water system was constructed of 15 ton blocks - 33 feet high. The 15 ton blocks were arranged in a fashion that allowed for tunnels to serve as massive water conduits.

Some scholars attributed the Dam and accompanying water works, which include sluices over 6 miles long to the ancestors of the veddas people, a post primitive indigenous race of Sri Lanka. The Veddas are hypothesized to be descended from the ancient Yakkha people, who can be traced through antiquity via the Ramayanaramayana to the time of the perhaps mythical- perhaps Historical Rama Empire.



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