Lughs Spear

Lughs Spear and the Eye of Balor


By R.A. Rajotte

The Celtic deity Lugh [Pronounced Loo] is pointed to by some theorists as the perpetrator of the vitrified forts scatterred about Scotland. Celtic legend describes Lugh as the Sun God and alternatively as the God of War. He was also a renowned craftsman. The welsh called him Lleu Llaw Gyffes and elsewhere he was known as Lugus. He was a grandson of one of the Fomorians, a monstrous race similar to The Nephilim of Judeo Christian lore.

Lugh's Spear

Spear of Lugh

In his arsenal were several deadly weapons one of which was his spear 'Areadbhair' which translates to slaughterer. This magic spear spewed streams of fire and violently ripped through enemy forces, it had to be kept in a cauldron of cold water to prevent it from bursting into flames.

Alt Science theorists have attempted to connect the spear of Lugh with the vitrified forts of Scotland. Why not ... it is just as plausible as some of the main stream theories. Lugh would in this scenario be an ancient alien viewed by primitive Celtic tribesmen as a deity.

As per Irish mythology [Irish and Scots descend from common Celtic ancestors] the Fomore, a race of evil giants dwelt on the Island of Toriniz [Modern day Tory Island] and launched raids against Ireland from there.

The fomores came from the mythical North, a land of which very little is known. They possessed vast powers regarded by the primitive Celts as 'magical'. One of the Fomore leaders, Balor, was the maternal grandfather of Lugh, whom lugh later slew. From his Island fortress the evil Balor would send a powerful beam of fiery light across the Sea to attack his enemies on the mainland. Which is another possible pseudo explanation for the vitrified hill forts.

Balor is a formidable and barbarous giant whose single eye incinerates entire armies when he opens his seven eyelids that protect his magical eye. Lugh whose mother belonged to a competing 'divine' tribe known as the Tuatha de Danaann uses his magical spear to put out Balors eye in one of the Battles the two warring klans engaged in.

So delving only briefly into Celtic lore we have two potential culprits to pin the vitrified hill forts on. One is Lugh and his Magical Spear and the other is his grand father Balor and powerful beam of fiery light, which today we would call a laser or possibly a particle beam.

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