Lost City of The Lizard People

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Los Angeles California hosts a local legend that came to light in the 1930s. A Mining engineer named George Warren Shufelt was searching for oil, or other lucrative minerals deposits when he claims to have stumbled upon the tunnel system with hid high tech gadget. In a conversation with Little Chief Green Leaf of the Hopi Indians [AKA L. Macklin] Shufelt learned of a native legend regarding a lost civilization deep under Los Angeles. It was said to be one of five possible such cities in the Western USA. A second possible candidate lays under the Colorado Dessert. See: Colorado Desert Giants

Shufelt pioneered what he dubbed a 'radio X-ray machine' which he claimed could detect underground tunnels. The machine was similar to current day ground penetrating radar or GPR or at least was purported to produce similar result. His device consisted of a pendulum suspended inside a glass tube and black case accompanied by a number of compasses and a copper wire.

By 1930's standards the story went viral and was picked up by local and National newspapers.

Hopi and other Native legends state that the Lizard People, sometimes called the Ant people created a subterranean city about 5,000 years ago. As per Shufelts version of the legends, incredible treasures and gold tablets with the origins of humanity carved into them were there for the taking if they could just be found.

This reptilian race had purportedly fled underground to escape a cataclysmic meteor shower. These Lizard People were advanced far beyond normal humans both in their personal intellectual capacity as well as their societal technology. They used 'magical' chemicals to dig vast tunnel networks / cities.

Shufelt claims that with his radio X-ray machine he had determined the precise location of nearly 2,000 square feet of tunnels and a number of places where gold was allegedly stored. He created a map which was published in the LA Times and obtained permission from the city of Los Angeles to dig near a former military fort near downtown [Fort Moore Hill].

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His excavations were tracked like the current day Oak Island epic with the same results - neither produced anything of significance. Some newspaper reports speculated that the buried treasure was Spanish gold planted by conquistadors, parallels were drawn to El Dorado the lost city of Gold, but as the excavation continued and produced no results the media and the public eventually lost interest and Shufelt ran out of money. Some accounts state that like the Oak Island treasure hunters he inadvertently flooded the caverns.

Shufelts crew reached a depth of 250 feet, although he had initially shot for 1000 ft. He died in 1957.

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newspaper los angeles

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