Lordsburg Door

New Mexico's Portal through Space-Time

There's some strange goings on in the dessert outside of Lordsburg, New Mexico. Somewhere along US Highway 90 between Lordsburg and Silver City, NM there is a vortex known as the Lordsburg door and sometimes the Lordsburg gate.

The vortex allegedly opens up from time to time and allows a glimpse into another dimension.

What it opens to in the space-time continuum is uncertain. Some claim to have seen a human leg embedded in a tree stump. Others tales tell of bizarre symbols and glyphs not of Native American origin, such as an Egyptian Ankh. There are also tales of hybrid expensive Cattle disappearing and being replaced by low grade Mexican varieties.

New Mexico writer Rob Feightner did an online column on his blog - 'My Strange New Mexico' about it a few years back, but alas the blog and article seem to have been sucked into the vortex as they are no longer online.

The region of New Mexico in which Lordsburg is situated has a long history of bizarre tales such as living pterosaurs and UFOs.

Lordsburg is a 4 hour drive from from Roswell - 15 minutes as the crow flies and a nano second by saucer. Some have speculated that the doors presence in their neck of the wood is perhaps why so many strange things happen in New Mexico - that perhaps these pterosaurs and UFOs are slipping through this vortex in space-time, this hole in the wall between the past, present and future and wandering around the New Mexico dessert.

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A local UFO researcher Ramon Ortiz stated that the Door stands in Gold Gulch which is just north of town, and that it resembles Moses' biblical burning bush, burning fiery red. He claims that a table and chair carved from rock sit next to it, and that an old stump sits just in front of it, with a leg bone embedded in it. The leg bone is said to be from a victim who stepped through the Door right into a tree, and became fused with the tree.

Ortiz also claims there are several other such doors in the Boot heel region of New Mexico, one is in his very own basement .... 'Everything is coming through these doors, these gates! ..... It's Judgment Day! Jesus is coming.' Ortiz warned.