Lake George Mystery Spot

In upstate New Yorks Lake George there is spot where some of the basic laws of physics are turned inside out. One mathemetician described it as a place where 'spatial time and acoustics did not apply' [1].

Near the Lake George Visitors Center there is an elevated circular platform with a map of lake George overlaid by what is best described as a compass pattern. In the precise center of this circle two metal rails intersect to form the cross hairs of the compass pattern. The intersection of this bulls eye is the mystery spot.

Lake George Mystery Spot

Stand in the cross hairs / bulls eye and witness a phenomena that defies the laws of acoustical physics and scientific explanation. Stand in the exact spot and holler, at the cross hairs you will hear your voice echo back with a tinny resonance unlike any other echoes. Perhaps because it is not a true echo as we are accustomed to. Some who have tried it describe it like standing inside an invisible cone. Anyone standing outside the designated spot will not hear it.

Some have attempted to explain how the mystery spot works, all have failed. Some point to the the positioning of the mountains and the lake which fails to explain why it only works at this precise spot, or why only those standing at that spot are the only ones who can hear it.

Others claim your voice is bouncing off a nearby curved stone wall but fail to take into account that Native Americans and early settlers knew of the mystery spot centuries before that wall was constructed. The local Native legend states that an ancient god appeared long ago at the mystery spot and his wisdom still reverberates there causing the facsimile of an echo.