Jules Verne Coincidences

Literature Predicts the Future

Science Fiction writers are frequently credited with forseeing future technology with sometimes amazing accuracy. In Star Trek, Captain Kirks hand held communicator that he yells "Beam me up Scotty" into at least once per episode is credited as having anticipated the cell phone. In 20,000 leagues under the Sea, Jules Verne anticipated the Submarine.

Paris in the 20th Century


In a lesser known work of Jules Verne - Paris in the 20th Century, his predictions go far beyond anticipating future Technology. [1]

Long before the Eiffel Tower was even thought of, Verne describes 20th Century Paris as having a skyline dominated by a large metallic tower.

Technology and business dominate Parisian life, and women are 'Americanized' as is the language, which is filled with adapted American words.

The horses that jammed Parisian streets in Verne's time are gone, replaced by metal self-propelled vehicles.

Average people sit in offices and work at computing machines, and send paperwork to one another by facsimile machines. He even uses the word 'facsimile'.

Predicted Moon Landing

Jules Verne's 1865 novel From the From the Earth to the Moon takes it to the next level when he incredibly predicts the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, mans first moon landing. That we know of anyway.

In his novel, the ship was launched in December, by the USA from Florida.In Reality, the ship was launched in December, by the USA from Florida.

In his novel, the ship was made of primarily Aluminum.In reality, the ship was made of primarily Aluminum and metallurgical derivatives.

In his novel - After the astronauts completed their mission, they returned to Earth splashed down in the Pacific Ocean and were recovered by a U.S. Navy vessel.

Beyond Coincidence

He anticipated G-forces, which were not fully understood in his time as the passengers in his novel were protected from the pressures of acceleration and deceleration by shock absorbers.

He also introduced the concept of retro-rockets, engines designed to decelerate rapidly. Apollo 11 would actually employ these retro-rockets to allow them to slow down before landing on the lunar surface.

In his novel he also predicted that Space was weightless, this fact was not understood in his time.

In his novel the device used to launch the spacecraft was called the Columbiad. In reality the The Apollo 11 command module was named Columbia.

In his Novel, after exploring a dozen sites in Texas and Florida, Stone Hill, south of Tampa, Florida is selected as the launch site.

In reality after exploring a dozen sites in Texas and Florida Merritt Island, Florida is selected as the launch site. In both the novel and reality Brownsville, Texas was rejected as a launch site due to politics.


Note 1. This work, Paris in the 20th Century, was not discovered till after the Authors death and some have speculated it was reworked to seem more remarkable.

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