Snake Brothers or Sheti

Hopi Legends of a Reptilian Race

Fourth World of the Hopis: The Epic Story of the Hopi Indians as Preserved in Their Legends and Traditions

The Hopi, although catalogued along with other pueblo tribes of the American Southwest are unique in many of their cultural norms, traditions and lore. Their legends are less adulterated by outside influences than other Native American groups.

As an Oral tradition, which is largely what Hopi lore is, it is / was not always consistently relayed to subsequent generations or from village to village, making several variant versions extant simultaneously. In addition not all versions are relayed to those outside the tribe, which would include researchers trying to delve into Hopi history and culture. The Hopi's most sacred doctrines may well be kept incognito, available only to tribal elders and trickled down in doses to lower ranking members, but not the outside world.

Corruption of Hopi lore by outside influences was not as prevalent as with the other pueblo tribes. Although they had some contact with Europeans as early as the 1500s, Spanish missionaries infiltrated many villages from 1629 until 1680 when they were thrown out in the Pueblo Revolt. Following the revolt, only the Hopi kept the Spanish away from their villages. It would be another 200 years when the English speaking Americans were well into their westward migration that regular contact began.

The Hopi were basically as isolated as could be and their mythos remained more 'pure'. European influence on the core of their lore was minimal as opposed to other pueblo tribes. One persistent Hopi legend is that of The Snake Brothers or Sheti in the Hopi language. The Sheti were a race of reptilians as per their folklore. At the end of the first world the Hopi were sheltered by a race known as Anu-Naki in the Hopi language and in English as Ant Friends or Ant People.

John Rhodes, a cryptozoologist, UFO enthusiast and known for his research of Reptilian Humanoids claims to have spoken to 'many tribal chiefs' about this legend. The Hopi as well as the Apache, who have similar reptilian legends he claims opened up to him and spoke of Reptilians having underground bases in the Western USA and Mexico. Jicarilla Apache tribal elders, he states, confirmed to him that one of these underground lairs was in the Dulce area. A Hopi Chief as per Rhodes states that the reptilians are one and the same with the Hopi Ant People

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