Hans Kammler

Swastika Hans Kammler

Head of Nazi Secret Sciences

Himmler with Hans Kammler

SS General Dr. Hans (Heinz) Kammler was regarded as one of  the most powerful men in Nazi Germany . He was directly under Himmler in many functions and was in charge of many of Hitler's Nazi secret science projects.

The world's first jet engines and rockets.

Underground Construction of Bomb proof factories

Operations and logistical control of the V-l and V-2 bombardments of Allied cities.

Control of all missile production and research, including the V-2 and the A9/10 intercontinental ballistic missile.

Construction projects for the Reich, such as death camps.

Nazi Bell Project

Hans Kammler controlled all of the Third Reich's secret weapons research by the end of the War. Spandau The Secret DiariesSpandau: The Secret Diaries Paperback February 17, 2010 by Albert Speer speculates that Kammler had development of the Nazi atomic bomb halted and had the researchers concentrate instead on a uranium motor for aircraft. Towards wars end, Kammler was even over Goring.

Kammler joined the SS in 1940, and rose  through rank and authority, he worked at designing extermination camps, gas chambers and crematoria. After the Warsaw Ghetto uprising he was in charge of the demolition of the ghetto in retaliation.

In 1944, the V-2 project went under SS control, and Kammler soon was named as its director.  Early in 1945, he was placed as head of all German aerospace programs.

Disappearance of Hans Kammler

In April 1945, Kammler disappeared never to be seen or heard from again. Theories abound , but his body was never recovered and accounts of his death are varying and contradictory.

Some reports suggest that he was assassinated on orders from Himmler not to allow personnel with detailed knowledge to fall into Allied hands. Others indicate that he may have committed suicide . The fact is that his exact fate is unknown and his mysterious disappearance led to some speculation that he continued his work in the United States after the war, where it is alleged he worked on anti-gravity and other advanced devices.  Or that he found his way to a Nazi enclave in South America, or Antarctica.


Accounts of Kammler's death include...

May 9,1945 He shot himself in the head .

May 7, 1945 He committed suicide with a cyanide capsule .

His aide Heinz Zeuner shot him.

He was shot by his aide-de-camp in Prague.

The Russians executed him along with other SS members.

He died in the USA many years after the war.

He died in Argentina many years after the war.


He 'disappeared' or 'died'. All references to him were dropped from the Nuremberg proceedings!! He disappears without a trace 18 April 1945. He supposedly goes off to Prague, where Eichmann also was hiding. Then they both disappear. Dr. Wilhelm Voss claims that Kammler bit the cyanide capsule on the road from Pilsen to Prague, May 9, 1945.[Blunder!: How the U.S. gave away Nazi supersecrets to RussiaBlunder!: How the U.S. gave away Nazi supersecrets to Russia Hardcover 1985]

In July, 1945 Kammler's widow had him declared dead as of May 9, 1945. A sworn statement by his driver,Kurt Preuk that he had personally seen Kammlers body and seen him buried on May 9, 1945 was submitted. The German courts ruled in 1948 ruled that his death was official as of May 9, 1945.

The Nazi Rocketeers: Dreams of Space and Crimes of War by Dennis Piszkiewicz, states Kammler arrived in Prague via aircraft on May 4 ,1945, following which he and other SS men defended a bunker against an attack by Czech resistance fighters . During the attack, Kammler's aide-de-camp Sturmbannfuehrer Starck shot him to prevent his falling into enemy hands.

The Hunt for Zero Point:The Hunt for Zero Point: Inside the Classified World of Antigravity Technology by Nick Cook" (Nick Cook 2001) proposed a theory that Kammler was captured by Allies and brought to the US along with other German scientists as part of Operation Paperclip .

There is also a strong case for the theory that Hans Kammler escaped in the closing days of the War using a long-range multi-engine aircraft to ship a large body of Nazi secret weapons and science projects to points unknown. 

Despite the fact that Kammler was, in many aspects, number three in the Nazi hierarchy at wars end, his name only comes up once, in an indirect reference , during the war crimes trials.  Curiously, most references to Hans Kammler in any official literature relating to the Nuremberg trials was deleted.