The Wu New Deal

How Democrats intend to use the Wuhan virus crisis
to restructure government and society according to their whims.

Raegotte Report

By Joshua Sharf

In his survey of the Great Depression and World War II, Freedom From Fear, historian David Kennedy makes the point that the New Deal—which manifestly failed to end the Depression—was only a failure if you assume that its purpose was, in fact, to end the Depression.

Likewise, the Democrats’ attempt at pushing their wish list of a Wuhan virus rescue bill.

If you assume, instead, that the purpose of the New Deal was to restructure the government’s relationship to the people and to society, then it was certainly a success. This is especially true of the so-called Second New Deal, passed mostly in 1935, which included Social Security, the Banking Act, the Wagner Act, other workplace protections, and unemployment insurance. Designed to provide a measure of security to periodically unemployed workers, it also made sure that people—for the first time—habitually looked to the government as the source of that security.

Do you want to know where Rahm Emanuel got the idea for never letting a crisis go to waste? Look to the New Dealers.

Restructuring to “Fit Our Vision”

Which brings us to the Democratic version of the Wuhan coronavirus stimulus package. Now, the original idea—a payroll tax holiday, bridge loans to small and medium-sized businesses—wasn’t bad.

The eventual idea—trillions of dollars of helicopter money in an economy where there is less and less to spend it on, combined with some side-pork for votes—is less appealing. But at least it’s still geared toward doing something about the problem at hand. It seeks to tide over individuals and small businesses until the restrictions relax, and economic activity recovers.

The House Democrats had their own ideas, however. Via Senator Tom Cotton’s (R-Ark.) Twitter feed, we know that these included:

Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance;

Bailing out all current debt of the postal service;

Required early voting;

Mandated same-day voter registration;

A $10,000 bailout for each and every borrower with federal student loans;

For companies accepting assistance, one-third of board members must be chosen by workers;

Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining;

A full offset of airline emissions by 2025;

Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights;

Retirement plans for community newspaper employees;

A $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance;. .... Full Article - Joshua Sharf - American Greatness

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Approved unanimously by the Senate late March 25, is a paragraph sending $400 million to state governments “to help prepare for the 2020 election.”

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