Michigan Faces Constitutional Crisis
After Governor’s Coronavirus Power Grab

Democrat Michigan Gov.
Gretchen Whitmer Craving Lime-light and Power

Raegotte Report

Michigan is facing a constitutional crisis as Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer circumvents the Republican-controlled Legislature at the height of the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Whitmer has been a familiar face on the Sunday shows — first delivering the response to the State of the Union and then auditioning to be the running mate of Joe Biden, her party’s presumptive presidential nominee.

The first-term governor has issued dozens of decrees, including executive orders that suspended open-records and open-meetings laws, on top of a stay-at-home order under wartime-era laws that give certain “limited and temporary” powers to a governor during a declared emergency. However, the suspension of duly enacted statutes itself is presumably unconstitutional as the Michigan Constitution vests exclusive lawmaking authority with the legislative branch.

Under the Emergency Management Act, which was enacted during the Cold War in 1976 to complement an earlier statute from the Second World War, the governor needs legislative approval to use her emergency powers beyond 28 days. Whitmer wants to extend these powers for 70 days.

Republican majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives disagree. They are expected to pass a concurrent resolution extending the emergency powers through May 1 when both houses resume sitting Tuesday. Such an extension would be in keeping with the current recommendations from the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Full Article - RedState - Dennis Lennox

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