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By Rick Gordon

Not too long ago some snowflake tweeting from his parents basement no doubt, called me a "boomer", my first thought was of Boomer Esiason, did I remind this little snowflake of Boomer Esiason? It turns out that Boomer refers to "Baby Boomers", in the immature snowflake mentality "Boomers" are folks who can recall when emojis were referred to as hieroglyphics. In my day, when we used to walk to school in the snow, uphill, both ways, we had just about as much respect for our elders as our modern day counterparts do. A popular catch phrase was "Never trust anyone over 30" - the phrase was coined by a leftists agitator known as Jack Weinberg [1]. What lies beyond the grasp of most mind melded millennials' is that the boomers of today are the hippies of yesterday, the counter-culture of the 60s and 70s, little Social Justice Warriors simply because it was fashionable to be just that.

The elders we were ostracizing were the Greatest Generation. I recall rolling my eyes when one of my Uncles started one of their "Double U Double U Two" stories, today I would give my right arm to hear those stories first hand one more time.

Okay Boomer

Prior to the hippies of the 60s and 70s, the juvenile jack offs were "Rebels without a Cause" [2] and prior to WWII there really was no organized juvenile delinquent, social justice warrior, hippie movement - because there was no solidly established left wing socialist agitation in the USA yet. The Left Wing anti-establishment, anarchist, socialist, marxist tripe was mostly across the pond, in Europe.

Mussolini had the Fascist Youth, Stalinists had the Komsomol, Young Pioneers, and Little Octobrists, Nazis had the Hitler Youth. In Modern America we have Antifa and our Public Schools - all working against the interests of society as a whole and exploiting the ignorance and exuberance of youth.

When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already...What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community." - Adolf Hitler

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. - Vladmir Lenin

The young people are the most active and vital force in society. They are the most eager to learn and the least conservative in their thinking. This is especially so in the era of socialism. Mao Zedong

So I guess I'm a boomer, used to be a Hippie, never ever was a yuppie. Hopefully, if this Nation endures, some current day snowflake will be pining to hear one of his forebears stories one more time. Hopefully Satan in one of his many guises, socialism, communism, Nazism and so on is relegated to the dung heap of history, but I doubt it. "Who controls the past controls the future." - Orwell 1984

We Hippies that survived the 60s were forced to buckle up like buttercups because we were in for the ride of our lives, a ride that inevitably culminates in our demise. It wasn't a free ride, unless of course you were a privileged hypocrite like the Jane Fonda's of the world. The millennials face new and different obstacles on the road to prosperity, and yes many will fall by the wayside en-route, nature can be cruel.

OK Boomer

Now come the term "OK Boomer", this nasty nuance of newspeak doesn't actually translate to just a baby boomer, it transmigrates into identity politics and racial stereotypes. PC manners dictate that you never refer to a conservative Black Man as a "Boomer" even if he is a baby boomer. No - a conservative black man is still an Uncle Tom. 'Okay Boomer' is reserved for what millennial's perceive, or have had a stereotype instilled in them of an older, angry white man ranting with clenched fists. This stereotype is close-minded, not as woke as a liberal who is so open minded that their brains fell out. “You're only as young as the last time you changed your mind” ― Timothy Leary

In defense of Millennial's Caitlin Fisher, author of “The Gaslighting of the Millennial Generation” stated the following

“Millennial's have faced extraordinary levels of student loan debt only to be told that they need to take unpaid internships or cobble together a living wage with part time work, [and] when we dare to complain, the boomers tell us that in their day, they put in their time and we have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps...”

She goes on to cynically complain about the world we left behind for them. Something like the world my parents generation left for us, and yet we still complained. Perhaps a prerequisite or coming of age vision quest would be to dump some of these clowns into the backwaters of history to fend for themselves for awhile and see how our ancestors survived or died - alas nobody has come up with a time machine yet [That we know of anyway].

Foot Notes / References

1. Radical Redux - Chicago Tribune

2. Rebel Without a Cause - Wikipedia

All in the Family Cast

All in the Family was regarded as the most influential sitcom in television history. It ridiculed a generation of American Fathers, depicting them as racist, ignorant, sexist opinionated jerks. Archie's friends are also portrayed in the same fashion, Barney for instance. But of course, Michael's buddies are portrayed as knowledgeable, articulate and 'enlightened. In the public mind, traditional conservative ideals became associated with ignorance and intolerance, whereas liberal opinions are associated with education, knowledge, enlightenment and tolerance.

Meet the average American millennial, who has an $8,000 net worth, is delaying life milestones because of student-loan debt, and still relies on parents for money - There's no way around it: The average American millennial is financially behind.

Faced with a high cost of living, staggering student-loan debt, and the fallout of the Great Recession, American millennials are trying to make ends meet in the midst of The Great American Affordability Crisis.

The financial crisis split the generation into two distinct groups. Older millennials, who bore the brunt of the financial crisis dealt with a tough job market and wage stagnation, making it more difficult for them to save. Younger millennials, who experienced the recovery period, entered a better job market and became risk-averse by watching the recession unfold.

Students are desperate to get into college. So why is enrollment dropping? - The number of students enrolled in U.S. colleges fell 1.3% this fall — that's 231,000 students.
The U.S. now has 17.9 million enrolled college students. the first time in a decade enrollment has dipped below 18 million.
The hardest-hit are private four-year colleges, where enrollment declined 2.1% from a year earlier.

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