Raegotte Report - Iran Shoots down Ukrainian Plane

Ukrainian Airliner

Ukrainian airplane shot down by mistake by Iranian anti-aircraft missile, Pentagon officials believe - The Ukrainian passenger plane that crashed shortly after taking off from Tehran’s international airport Wednesday was shot down by mistake by an Iranian anti-aircraft missile, Pentagon officials told Fox News.

Officials said U.S. intelligence increasingly points at the airliner being accidentally struck by a Russian-made missile, killing all 176 people on board the flight, just hours after Iran fired more than a dozen ballistic missiles targeting two military bases housing American and coalition troops.

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It's All Trumps Fault !

"Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste"

There Was Crossfire! That Latest Attempt By Democrats And The Liberal Media To Blame Trump For Ukrainian Airline Crash - Iran shot down a Ukrainian airliner. It occurred during the nation’s missile attack against U.S. forces in Iraq that blessedly ended with zero American casualties. The world’s largest sponsor of terrorism had to save face after President Trump ordered a drone strike that killed Maj. Gen. Qasam Soleimani, commander of Quds force, and the region’s grim reaper. He was a top terrorist and now he’s an ashtray.

For those who love this country, it’s a win. It’s a good thing. It was a good kill. It was a lawful kill. For the ‘hate America’ crowd—we call them Democrats—they’re acting as if the Iranian version of Gandhi was blasted half-way to hell. There were worries about war. The missile attack allowed liberal media outlets to hyperventilate for about 36 hours before Iran decided to stand down. There was no war. There is no war. Most of the world slept through World War III—and the liberal media was once again…wrong.

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