Media Reaction To Yamiche Alcindor Dustup With Trump
Shows Why Their Approval Ratings Are Low

Her peers rushed to defend her, but Alcindor has a track record of
partisan commentary and unnecessarily hostile and silly questions.

Trump and Yamiche Alcindor

By Mollie Hemingway

Her peers rushed to defend her, but Alcindor has a track record of partisan commentary and unnecessarily hostile and silly questions.

The ongoing dysfunctional codependent relationship between the political media and President Donald Trump flared up again on Sunday afternoon during a Rose Garden press conference on the government’s handling of the Wuhan virus that has swept the globe.

Trump needs the media to act the way they do so he can dunk on them and look good by comparison. The media are enjoying the short-term rush of their war with Trump, wearing his abuse as a badge of honor among their peers.

On Sunday, the media were pretty sure they had Trump in a bind when he reacted negatively to a question by PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor. You can watch the whole shebang here, but her first question was about Trump’s comments from a few days ago about ventilator needs and whether they were being exaggerated by some politicians. While the question was typically accusatory, it was somewhat mild compared to many of her typical questions..... Full Article - Mollie Hemingway- The Hill

Partisan Track Record of Yamiche Alcindor

Reporters Defend PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor After Trump Refuses to Answer Question, Takes Her Mic at Coronavirus Presser

September 2019: former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer singled out PBS NewsHour reporter Yamiche Alcindor as a vivid example of liberal media bias during a press conference at the G-7 meetings in France. Alcindor grew emotional when Trump dared to say Obama was "outsmarted" by Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Reporters believe Obama is far too smart to ever be outsmarted. - Ari Fleischer Hammers PBS Reporter Calling Out Trump 'Lie' About Obama at the G-7

For yet another day, the American people tuning in Friday into the White House Coronavirus Task Force daily briefing saw another embarrassing display of self-centeredness by groaning journalists about how President Donald Trump doesn’t like them.

Along with the now-infamous exchange with NBC’s Peter Alexander, Friday’s egotists included CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, the Associated Press’s Jill Colvin, and taxpayer-funded reporter Yamiche Alcindor - Egomaniacs: Journalists Again Make Daily WH Coronavirus Briefing About Themselves

During Wednesday’s coronavirus press conference at the White House, ABC’s Cecilia Vega and PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor worked together to claim that President Trump’s use of the term “Chinese virus” was “racist” and “puts Asian Americans at risk.” Alcindor even touted rumors of an unknown administration official using an offensive term to describe the disease. - ABC, PBS Team Up to Call Trump ‘Racist’ During COVID-19 Presser

During a break in Wednesday’s impeachment hearing, PBS NewsHour correspondent, MSNBC political analyst, and upcoming 2020 Democratic presidential debate co-moderator Yamiche Alcindor bolstered her role a spin agent for the far-left when she explained away far-left Stanford University Professor Pamela Karlan’s supposed quip involving President Trump’s 13-year-old son Barron (which she apologized for a few hours later). - Grotesque! PBS Reporter Defends Karlan’s Attack on Barron Trump; GOP Is ‘Seizing on’ It

November 10, 2018

Trump Interaction with Yamiche Alcindor

PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor tried to assist the partisan impeachers on the November 10 edition of NBC’s Meet The Press: “Quid pro quo might be too complicated when you’re running to the supermarket or when you’re going somewhere, rather than saying ‘the President tried to bribe a foreign country.’”

Put another way, Americans are too simple-minded to understand that a quid-pro-quo is eminently impeachable, so let’s start saying “bribery” instead. - The Media Are Democrats’ Self-Appointed Impeachment Coaches

Meet the Press Panel Hopes Dems Can ‘Dramatize’ Impeachment Hearings With Crying Witnesses