Trump Destroys Connecticut Governor's Claim
that Strategic National Stockpile Has Been Emptied

Democrat Governor False Narrative Blown Up

Raegotte Report

By Matt Margolis

Ned Lamont, the Democrat governor of Connecticut, claimed on Tuesday that the U.S. Strategic National Stockpile of medical supplies is now empty and alleged that the state is now on its own in securing ventilators and masks to fight the coronavirus pandemic without the help of the federal government.

"It was disturbing today to find out that the national strategic stockpile is now empty. We did get 50 ventilators, for which I am very thankful," Governor Lamont said. "For now we are on our own. For now, we are doing the best to scour the globe for PPE (personal protective equipment) as best we can."

This, it turns out, was not true. President Trump was asked about Lamont's claim during the Coronavirus Task Force press briefing, and he explained what's really happening.

"It's not emptied, let me explain something. What we're doing [...] rather than having it brought into the stockpile, where appropriate [...] we're trying to have supplies sent directly to the states," Trump explained. "Because we don't want medical supplies coming into warehouses all over the place and then we take them from there and bring them to another warehouse. So we're having them brought, ideally, from the manufacturer directly to the hospital or the state where it's going." .... Full Article - Matt Margolis - PJ Media

Psychotic Liberal Narcissism

Liberal Cry Babies

In 'Liberalism is a Mental Disorder' author Michael Savage argued that the typical Liberal is mentally deranged, which is something most sane people already knew. In 'The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness' Dr. Lyle Rossiter took the thesis a step further when he described Liberal progressive ideology as a psychological malady that denies personal responsibility and encourages self-pity. Freelance journalist Rusty Weiss in an article for the Political Insider [1] argues that Liberalism is not a newly discovered or novel mental disorder at all, but simply a manifestation of an already studied psychological issue known as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

A new born infant is unaware that the mother is not part of the self, as it grows it is not fully aware that the external world does not exist to cater to the self. Sane people outgrow this as they mature, Liberals do not - they retain an inbred sense of self importance and are unable to subconsciously admit that reality in this matrix is not designed around them. Not only do Liberal Narcissists never fully emerge from the nurturing womb but the socio-fascist liberal progressive machine reinforces that tendency as a means of retaining control.