Our Super Smart Elite Shines During This Pandemic!

We Americans are truly blessed by having a mainstream media
full of 'brilliant' renaissance men, women, and gender non-specific entities

Raegotte Report

By Kurt Schlichter

We Americans are truly blessed by having a mainstream media full of brilliant renaissance men, women, and gender non-specific entities who are masters of so many varied and intermittently useful skills and who are eager to share their knowledge with us benighted souls. The pandemic has revealed that every urban Twitter blue check scribbler, MSNBCNN panelist, NYT/WaPo doofus, and barely legal “senior editor” of a website you never heard of, is a Nobel Prize-winning epidemiologist, a master logistician, and a diversity consultant too boot.

They may all be lousy journalists, but damn it, they are also lousy at other jobs that they didn’t even pretend to train to do.

It’s awesome to see people with zero life experience in any relevant field weighing in as if we shouldn’t just laugh in their pimply faces. Here’s the typical resume of one of these hacks:

Went to high school, and never went to parties

Went to college, majored in journalism, and never went to parties

Went to journalism grad school, and never went to parties

Works in the media, and goes to Manhattan/Georgetown cocktail parties

This apparently qualifies them to explain to people like us who have actually done something in our lives how stuff is supposed to work.

Each of them is an Official Junior Epidemiologist now, weighing-in on curve flattening and RO rates like they have any idea what any of it means. What’s really funny is how they now want to decide what we should hear by censoring the president and his team’s press conferences and then reporting to us only what they consider to be things we should know. Yes, the media presumes to decide what we need to know, not Dr. Fauci, not Dr. Brix, no, the media. Because the media is full of smart people who know stuff or something. .... Full Article - Kurt Schlichter - Townhall

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