Stimulus Package Includes $400 Million Bonanza
for Left’s ‘Democracy Reform’ Movement

Nestled among the 12 titles 880 pages of the $2.2 trillion
“Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act of 2020,

Infinite Money Leftists PACs

By Mark Tapscott - Epoch Times

Nestled among the 12 titles and 880 pages of the $2.2 trillion “Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act of 2020,” approved unanimously by the Senate late March 25, is a paragraph sending $400 million to state governments “to help prepare for the 2020 election.”

The provision’s senatorial proponents promise it will enable state election officials to increase the ability of citizens nationwide “to vote by mail, expand early voting and online registration, and increase the safety of voting in-person by providing additional voting facilities and more poll-workers,” according to a summary prepared by Democratic staff members of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

It accounts for a mere 0.018 percent of the overall measure’s $2.2 trillion in federal expenditures, but the provision is “a rare victory” gained by “an unusually intense and coordinated lobbying campaign by some of the major players in the democracy reform movement,” according to its chief media voice, The Fulcrum.

The Fulcrum is published by Issue One, a Washington-based nonprofit advocacy group that grew out of the drive for public funding of congressional campaigns and growing fears among liberal activists that corrupt “dark money is flooding our elections.”.

Officially, the $400 million was included due to worries that the CCP virus would mar the November election as millions of Americans wouldn’t vote for fear of being exposed to the deadly disease.

But, as The Fulcrum story and the Democratic summary make clear, much more than health concerns were at work behind the scenes as Congress wrestled in recent weeks with three major coronavirus response measures. Read More - Mark Tapscott - Epoch Times

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