Bashing Trump in the Classroom

Anti Trump School Indoctrination

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

Under the Obama regime, leftist lunacy within the schools was the norm, not so much from students but from 'educators' hell bent on bending students to their perverted agenda. The Obama years have been flushed into the cesspool of history but the fecal residue lingers and yearns for a resurgence.

During the Obama years, Teachers routinely forced students to sing the praise of the Leftist leader, In some instances kids were chastised and threatened if they dared to betray a patriotic sentiment or Heaven forbid, an anti-Obama opinion. See: Liberal Brainwashing in Public Schools

Obamafest Leftist indoctrination in Public School

As the Trump administration struggles to undo 8 years of incompetent Government and weed out the socialist globalist agenda woven into the fabric of our Government. Obama / Soros minions and useful idiots in the educational system have gone into overdrive to degrade and destroy our President, and as is usually the case, to instill their warped mindset on our children.

'Writing in the weekly magazine for educators, which was formerly known as the Times Educational Supplement, Oliver Beach called victories for populism at the ballot box last year frightening and said teachers must counter the post-truth climate from which he claims they resulted. Brainwash Children Against Trump and Brexit, Top Education Mag Tells Teachers

The Times Educational Supplement [] which claims to be The largest network of teachers in the world recently sent out a call to arms to teachers to Brainwash Children Against Trump and Brexit.

Raegotte Report

A California professor was caught on tape giving a lecture in which she labeled Vice President Pence as a white supremacist and stated that the USA was 'back to being at civil war' and Trumps election was an act of Terrorism. This educators rant was mild in comparison to many others imposed on students but the difference was that a student recorded it and has been threatened by the Teachers Union. Professor Says Trump Election an Act of Terrorism

Orange Man Bad

Again in California, Fakhra Shah a San Francisco Mission High School social studies teacher wrote a lesson plan that incorporates Leftist talking points by depicting Donald Trump as a racist, sexist supported by misogynistic and racist hooligans. One would think this sort of shenanigans would be nipped in the bud by administrators - lol - not in California, she had the full support of the school system. In fact the Teachers Union published her indoctrination lesson to their website and suggested other Teachers adhere to it. San Francisco teachers union offers anti-Trump lesson plan

In Los Angeles, California the teachers union, issued a statement supporting students who skipped school on November 14th to protest the election results. As educators, as people spending every day with students and caring about each students future, we believe we have a sacred role in times like these.

Teachers instill left wing lunacy

Similar insanity comes for the East Coast where the Massachusetts teachers Union launched an Anti-Trump indoctrination program- 'From college campuses to elementary schools, organize to declare your buildings and campuses safe spaces. We have already seen this on some campuses, such as at UMass Amherst. There is no reason that a school faculty cannot meet and vote to do the same. We cannot be shy or cautious in our defense of our students and their families. This is a time to push past rules and bureaucracies that limit our ability to show and live our compassion.' Massachusetts teachers union launches anti-Trump indoctrination

Meanwhile back in California, Frank Navarro, a Mountain View High School teacher of Mexican descent taught history and classes focusing on the Holocaust. He studied at the International Center for the Study of Antisemitism in Jerusalem, and is considered a Holocaust scholar. Navarro formulated and implemented a lesson plan comparing Trump to Hitler and the populism on which he surfed into office as the equivalent of the German populism that put Hitler into office in the 1930s. Holocaust scholar compared Donald Trump to Hitler. His high school placed him on leave.

10th grade students in Texas staged a skit depicting the assassination of Donald Trump. One kid played the sound of gunfire with his cellphone as he pretended to execute another who was playing Trump. This was all done with the blessings and under the supervision of their teacher.

In Houston, Texas, a Black student Christian McKneely was physically assaulted by a teacher. The student also claims that the teacher bribed students to attend Anti-Trump rallies by offering extra credit to anyone who attended. No extra credit was offered for attending pro-Trump rallies. Student Claims Teacher Bribed Class to Attend Anti-Trump Rallies

An 8th grader in Alabama was paddled by the assistant principal for writing 'Trump' on the blackboard. And all this time I thought liberals had banned corporal punishment in Public Schools. Well I guess postulating an opinion that runs against the grain of liberal fascism is an exception.

A mob of anti-Trump students in Maryland beat up a classmate who had the audacity to wear a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hat. The Mob was ditching school with the educators blessings and carrying anti-Trump signs.

A tad further north, New Jersey, an adjunct professor from Rutgers University, Kevin Alfred, was taken to a Bellevue City psychiatric center in NYC after campus police said that he threatened [via twitter] to kill white people who supported Donald Trump. Alfred himself is white and also gay. He created the schools Politicizing Beyonce course, yes there actually is such a course [lol].

Also in New Jersey, a Monmouth County high school teacher was asked to resign after parents complained that he was showing anti-Trump propaganda videos in class. See: N.J. teacher reportedly forced to resign over anti-Trump video

And in Smithtown, New York, a teacher in a pro-Trump area made the mistake of posting to Facebook that her students were racists because they wore pro_trump apparel during the schools "Spirit Week" during which they had a USA Day. She was subsequently reassigned, had she posted such in California she would probably would have figuratively hoisted upon the faculties shoulders for a a lap around the coliseum. Teacher Rants About 'Racist' Students Wearing Trump Gear for USA Day, Gets 'Reassigned'

A Michigan elementary school teacher refused to allow his students to watch President-elect Donald Trumps inaugural address in class, although the cirriculum called for it. Teacher Brett Meteyer informed parents he would allow students to watch the ceremony but not Trumps speech. Superintendent to angry parents: Take it up with anti-Trump teacher

In NY City tecahers from Beacon HS in Manhattan allowed their kids skip class Tuesday to join a Trump Tower protest, despite objections from colleagues. A rival faction, the schools English teachers opposed the move and warned students that they would be penalized. See: Teachers OK students skipping class to join anti-Trump protests

An eighth grade Ohio middle school teacher, whose identity has yet to be released, created a vocabulary lesson for their students using fill-in-the-blank words to create charged, anti-police statements. The assignment, titled, 'Vocabulary Police Brutality Day 4, offered students a word bank of terms to use in order to properly complete a sentence. It also says that the 'numbers do not lie,' yet fails to mention the higher crime rates of blacks than whites. See: Parents irate over middle school 'police brutality' vocabulary assignment

In Rhode Island, Seth Kolker , a High School math teacher organized a trip for students to attend the 'Womens March on Washington' to protest against Donald Trump the day after his inauguration. WTF does Math have to do with Politics and why the school administrators allowed this is a intellectual dilemma. See: Teacher To Bring Students to Anti-Trump Protest

One liberal professor made derogatory comments regarding Donald Trump and his supporters. When the student challenged him, the professor cried 'academic freedom' and tried to kick the student out of class. See: BRAVE STUDENT STANDS UP TO ANTI-TRUMP BULLY TEACHER

In Seattle Washington, a BLM activist and teacher took to the megaphone to voice her support for killing people, and 'killing the White House.'

She also says, 'White people, give your fucking money, your fucking house, your fucking property, we need it fucking all,' See: BLM Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: We Need To Start Killing People

Update December 2019: - High School Text Book Describes Trump as Mentally ill Racist? - It has been claimed that an Advanced Placement high school history textbook contains segments which describe Donald Trump as Mentally Ill and his Supporters as Racist. Tarra Snyder, a student at Rosemount High School in Minnesota, who saw a copy of the book sent to her school, told Fox News she was “appalled" after seeing how “blatantly biased” the newest edition of “By the People: A History of the United States” was toward Trump and his voters. She said it also glossed over all issues then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced during her campaign.'

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