Socialist Plutocracy

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A Plutocracy is a society ruled or controlled by an elite minority of the wealthiest citizens. Unlike democracies, a plutocracy is not rooted in an particular political ideology, but utilizes facets of whatever is available to maintain power and quell the masses. The concept of plutocracy may be advocated by the wealthy classes of a society in an indirect or secretive fashion such as a puppet government or shadow government.

The wealthy and mega-rich have always been an oxymoron within the Socialist realm. An ideology that lays claim to representing the common man, comprised of the ruling class elite - rather odd isn't it?

The Super Rich of Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood have teamed with the super rich of Madison Avenue and are striving to create the greatest Plutocracy the World has ever witnessed.

The malevolent members of the ruling Class, the super wealthy who seek to control the masses have in recent decades found a facade of benevolence from which to pull the strings, all the while peering from behind the veil to point an accusing finger at the Right.

The top donors to Liberal super PACs in recent years have all been filthy rich white liberal progressives, they've funneled millions to left wing candidates and causes.

Leftist Plutoctrats

George Soros is a Hungarian-American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. He is multi Billionaire who began his career looting the estates of Nazi Death Camp victims. He is best known in the political arena for his funding and promotion of Radical Left wing causes within the US and abroad. He views himself as a Messiah of a New World Order.

Media Moguls Michael Bloomberg and Fred Eychaner

Bloomberg, onetime mayor of NY City, famous for his many lunatic and intrusive policies as mayor, such as trying to ban large sodas, pledged to spend $40 million to fight the NRA as per Reuters.

Fred Eychaner President of Newsweb Corp. He has given millions to liberal super PACs and bolstering up the degenerate agenda.

Tom Steyer, a billionaire California hedge-fund manager spent $100 million to bolster up the global warming hoax donating to candidates that will "combat climate change"

Steyer's Farallon Capital Management, has dumped millions upon millions of dollars into coal - one of the least green energies there is, this powerful hypocrite who made a fortune off fossil fuels fought vigorously against the Keystone pipeline and financed candidates who opposed it, while simultaneously investing heavily in rival pipeline projects.

Teresa Heinz Kerry, a mega wealthy aristobrat child of the 60s, a deranged victim of socialist affluenza and perhaps a tad too many doses of psychedelics in her youth. She is a high ranking member of the Liberal Fascist Ruling elite, her first husband was Senator H. John Heinz III and her current husband is the same clown who figuratively spit on Vietnam Vets back in his youth - none other than One time Senator, Presidential Contender and secretary of State John Kerry whose personal networth, not including his wife's mega fortune was estimated at nearly $200 Million back in 2012.

Heinz Family Philanthropies are largely financial clearing houses for funding of left wing fascist causes.

Nancy Pelosi, the eccentric half wit who is credited with some pretty bizarre statements - such as "You have to pass this bill so you can find out whats in it" is another Demonrat millionaire. "Her May 2015 financial-disclosure statements,showing income that places her in the top one-tenth of the 1 percent of Americans, may surprise some in light of the concern she has expressed about income equality and the distribution of wealth." [Brooke A. Rogers - National Review ]

Jay Rockefeller, grandson of the infamous Oil baron - over $80 Million. Yup the Rockefellers are Democrats with some Rinos thrown in.

Penny Pritkzer, part of the family that owns the Hyatt hotel chain, worked for the Obama regime as Commerce Secretary.

Back in 2005, over 80 super wealthy Liberals pledged to donate a minimum of $1 million each to fund a network of advocacy groups and think tanks, newspeak for propaganda and indoctrination cells.

The primaries, in recent decades are pre-determined by a small group of mega rich millionaires and billionaires. Flush with capital they weasel their way in via intricate networks and funnel billions of dollars into the campaigns of their candidates. These funding contests force politicians to prostrate themselves before the mega rich ruling class, the George Soros and Teresa Kerry Heinz vermin. While prostrating themselves before the gods of plutocracy, their constituency is figuratively bent over for a ride on the Hershey Highway.

Obama and the Clinton's are both cards in George Soros deck, 2 jokers and a queen . Soros dumped Hillary on the roadside to take a ride on the infamous Hershey highway with Barrack. When barry Sotero aka Barrack Obama was running for the Illinois Senate, Soros donated the maximum amount allowed. The extent of his Covert assistance to the Obama Regime will probably never be known, but in 2006, Soros met privately with Obama, shortly afterwards Obama announced that he was running for the Presidency. The NY Daily News followed with a story that Soros would support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

The 2016 Primaries primaries have seen some changes. On the Right you have Donald Trump, a millionaire in his own right who is not dipping into anybody elses pocket to any large extent. And Hillary on the left who is dipping into any pockets she can in hopes of further dipping into yours and mine. Then you have this articulate little troll Bernie Sanders, who is not much more than a side show so far as I am concerned, a side show that is proving an embarrassment to the Hillary camp.

Right Wing PACs and Billionaire plutocrats, there are some, most notably the Koch Brothers. The big difference between the Right wingers and the Socialist left boils down to the honesty factor. The Kochs make no attempt to hide who they are and what they are about. They are not part of the "Shadow Party" and do not hide behind a brazen facade - in my opinion, although I may not agree with all they espouse - I do most certainly respect their honesty.