Nancy Pelosi and the Politics Pandemic

If anyone can be accused of fiddling it’s Nancy
who held up the relief package for days making sure her pet projects were injected

Nancy Pelosi a Threat to America

By Roger L. Simon

To paraphrase “The Godfather,”—Just when you thought common sense had taken over and you’re done with obsessive, non-stop, nauseating politics dominating your life, it pulls you back in. Even during a pandemic, when, you would hope, people would know better. They don’t.

Especially Nancy Pelosi for whom politics has been her sine qua non since birth. It is more than mother’s milk to her. It’s that, plus her entire bloodstream, plus the limbic system, and who knows what else.

Sunday—on CNN’s “State of the Union with Jake Tapper”—she… what’s the proper verb… raged?… vilified?… Trump, telling Tapper “as the President fiddles, people are dying.”

Trump, a fiddler? Like Nero? Whatever else the man is, he’s a workaholic. Sometimes it seems as if he never sleeps. He may not be doing things Pelosi’s way, but odds are if he were, she’d reverse herself and declare that wrong anyway.

Pelosi Fiddles

If anyone can be accused of fiddling it’s Nancy who held up the relief package for days making sure her pet projects (Beltway folks have to have their Beethoven, even if they can’t sit together) were injected into the trillions on offer. She was also the person who urged people to go to crowded Chinatown for New Years, undoubtedly to highlight that Trump had banned travel from China and was therefore “racist.” Read More - Roger L. Simon - Epoch Times

Coronavirus Stimulus: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly - In the Senate, staff scrambled for drafts of the legislation that somehow were only available to lobbyists. The final version of the bill was released just 20 minutes before the Senate’s vote. The majority leader’s office did not alert senators to what the new changes were. No one had time to read the final 880-page bill before it passed.

Dems on a Death Trip as They Play Politics in a Pandemic - The Democrats are as addicted to politics, their version anyway, as a junkie in a homeless camp is to crack or meth.

One financial publication is using the phrase “Stimulus Package Includes $400 Million Bonanza for Left’s ‘Democracy Reform’ Movement” tNestled among the 12 titles 880 pages of the $2.2 trillion “Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act of 2020 that noone had time to read.