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What is the Open Society Foundation and what does it Promote

The term 'open society' was first coined by Henri Bergson, in a 1932 book and given greater currency by the Austrian philosopher Karl Popper, in his book The Open Society and Its Enemies (1945). Popper showed that totalitarian ideologies like communism and Nazism have a common element: they claim to be in possession of the ultimate truth. Since the ultimate truth is beyond the reach of humankind, these ideologies have to resort to oppression in order to impose their vision on society.' [The Capitalist Threat [8] by George Soros]

The Open Society Foundations (OSF), founded by Soros with an initial investment of over $32 billion has branches in over 100 countries worldwide. By 2017 he transferred nearly $18 billion more to the group, making it the second largest private foundation in the USA. With more than 20 national and regional foundations at last count. It exists to ferment and bolster opposition to the basic tenets of Nationalism and liberty in the free world. Their ideology is based on that of George Soros globalist socialist political philosophies. They fund leftist organizations and politicians Internatiionally to the tune of roughly 1 billion dollars annually.[1]

It serves as a leftist financial clearing house and money laundering operation to circumvent campaign finance laws. It cloaks illegal donations by pumping billions of dollars into Communist organizations and the Democratic Party both openly and via front groups and umbrella entities. Its stated intent is to influence referendums and immigration policy in America and Europe, it also serves as a political arm of the Soros megalomaniac empire.

AS per OSF 'George Soros is one of the world’s foremost 'philanthropists'. He has given away more than $32 billion of his personal fortune to fund the Open Society Foundations’ work around the world.' [8]

Raegotte Report

One of the building blocks of the Open Society Organization is the destruction of Israel. They contribute heavily to groups whose sole purpose is to delegitimize and dismantle the State of Israel.

Other Open Society front groups have been linked to human trafficking [1] [2]

The basic cornerstone of Open Society is parallel to that of Marxism in that it seeks to eliminate National Boundaries. OSF sponsored and allied front groups are believed to be responsible for the migrant caravans of 2018 as well as promoting the massive influx of Moslem immigrants into European countries.

Open Society Sponsored Groups

Some of the groups financed by the Soros and the Open Society Foundation include

Priorities USA [$7 million] Progressive Super PAC that helped fund Hillary in 2016 and now works vigorously against Trump.

American Bridge 21st Century [$2 million] Opposition research Super PAC that has been targeting Trump and other Republicans

Immigrant Voters. [$5 million] Super Pac that promotes increased turnout among Hispanic voters and encourages illegal alien voting - [3]

America Votes [$2 million plus] a leftist group which doesn't disclose its donors as it is a state based voter mobilization group that is exempt from campaign finance disclosure laws.

Media Matters for America [$$?] is an IRS tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization that purports to document supposed conservative media bias. It was excreted from the anal minds of David Brock and George Soros back in 2004. They make the effort of presenting themselves as a 'research and information center' dedicated to monitoring analyzing and correcting any information presented to the Public that is not in line with the official progressive agenda.

Millenium Promise Alliance [$50 million] this group actually engages in some real charity in sub saharan Africa which cloaks its true globalist agenda.

Black Lives Matter. The Soros network provided funding to groups that engaged in Ferguson protests and riots, Soros himself did not fund BLM. '..Black Lives Matter is really an umbrella slogan kind of group that encompasses a lot of social justice workers and a lot of social justice organizations. And it's a group that was started by three women that work at Soros-backed organizations that are into community organizing, into kind of riling up activists.' [4]


Human Rights Watch [$100 million over 10 years] A highly biased international organization this is overtly anti-Israel. 'According to The Times [UK], HRW does not always practice the transparency, tolerance and accountability it urges on others. The Times accused HRW of imbalance, alleging that it ignores human rights abuses in certain regimes while covering other conflict zones (notably Israel) intensively.' [5] was formed in 1998 to oppose the impeachment of Bill Clinton. It has since grown into a major political force largely from the tutelage and funding of George Soros and his Open Society minions.

Democracy Alliance is a left wing organization that is been active in orchestrating 'the activities of a permanent left infrastructure’ since 2004. It was intended to operate more as a collective of wealthy left wingers committed to financing left-of-center organizations. Billionaire financier George Soros was among those. [6]

Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation.

Jonathan Soros is the son of George Soros, Jennifer is his wife. They met in Philadelphia in 1992 while working for the Clinton- Gore campaign. [7]

Since 2010, the Jennifer and Jonathan Allen Soros Foundation has given millions of dollars in grants to left-leaning organizations including nearly $1,000,000 to the Tides Foundation, $1.2 million to various Planned Parenthood entities, over $400,000 to Center For Reproductive Rights, $600,000 to NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc., $400,000 to Demos, $200,000 to the Brennan Center For Justice, $1.7 million to Public Campaign, and nearly $1.8 million to New America.

Grants from this fund have gone to . .

Center For Reproductive Rights

Center for Responsive Politics

Common Cause

Common Cause Education Fund


Every Voice Center


NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

New America Foundation

People’s Action Institute

Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Tides Foundation

USAction Education Fund

William J. Brennan Center for Justice