Open Border Carpetbaggers Sees COVID-19 as Opportunity to Depict Immigration Enforcement in Negative Light

Using this crisis to attack both immigration and enforcement

Raegotte Report

When former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reprised the Winston Churchill statement “Never let a good crisis go to waste” while recently referring to this nation’s battle with the coronavirus, he was all but signaling the path forward for this nation’s open borders, mass immigration lobby.

Why not use this crisis as a way to attack both immigration enforcement and recent actions by the Trump administration to ensure that immigrants demonstrate self-sufficiency and not rely on public welfare programs?

One of the clearest examples of this was seen early on during coronavirus press conferences when reporters badgered the president about the idea that illegal aliens will shy away from being tested for the coronavirus out of fear being deported. The implication of this question was, of course, that if we suspended enforcement of our immigration laws, then it would greatly improve public health.

Of course, this reporter knew full well that emergency health care is never denied to anyone regardless of his or her immigration status. Furthermore, with cameras in virtually every corner of the country, there’s good reason why nobody can point to videos of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids on hospitals, with illegal aliens being removed on stretchers. It flat out doesn’t happen.

The fact is that there is little proof that illegal aliens have much or any fear at all freely accessing the whole host of this nation’s freebees. Actually, the exact opposite is true, as there is abundant data available to show that illegal aliens generously help themselves to just about any public program they can get their hands on.. Full Story - David Ray - Breitbart


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Illegal-aliens have had a devastating impact not only on American quality of life, but also on American Life itself. As per the UN only 3% of aliens who enter the USA illegally do so at somewhere other than the Mexican border. The other 97% of the invading hoards simply walk across US-Mexico border. [1] Only 20% of those invaders are ever apprehended. Of that 20% that are caught and detained - less than 1% ever face criminal charges, the remainder are simply returned to their country of origin, at taxpayer expense of course.