NYC Dems Overreact in Corona fueled Frenzy

Some City officials in the Liberal Bastion of Gotham aka New York City are sending up the Bat signal in a panic. They have been calling on the city to institute a complete lockdown of the city in order to slow the spread of Covid-19. The States Governor - Amdrew Cuomo has already banned gatherings of over 500 people and reduced the legal capacity of restaurants by 50%, he stopped short of a complete and mandatory lockdown but asked that businesses voluntarily shut down. NYC mayor Bill De Blasio has stated that a lockdown and closure of non-essential businesses is still on the table, Governor Cuomo agreed.

As per the City’s comptroller and NYC council speaker Cory Johnson “We are in a state of emergency and we must move quickly to mitigate the impact of coronavirus/COVID-19 on our city. All non-essential services must be closed, including bars and restaurants.”

No American State or local government, or the federal government has implemented a lockdown as described. In Europe - Italy, France and Spain, they have. In China, well, some evidence seems to imply that victims are being 'euthanized' and their carcasses incinerated to hamper the spread.

How deadly COVID-19 really is, is uncertain at this point in time. The most reliable recent data indicates that between 95 and 100% of people who contract it will survive. It is much more lethal among the elderly or those who already have an underlying health issue. Corona may not be any more deadly to a healthy person than the seasonal flu, what's truly frightening is that we just don’t know if there really is a creature under our bed waiting to devour us or not.