Elizabeth Warren's advisers want her to APOLOGIZE for American Indian DNA stunt

Elizabeth Warren Fake Indian

As Reported by The Daily Mail

Warren, a liberal Democratic senator from Massachusetts, may run for president

Biggest political liability is decades of claims that her family is part Cherokee

In October she released test results that showed a tiny sliver of Indian DNA

Exercise was mocked because the level was as low as 1/1,024 – a number less than the Native American blood of the average European-American

Advisers are now nudging her to apologize before considering White House run Trump has mocked her for years as 'Pocahontas'

Advisers to Sen. Elizabeth Warren are counseling her to issue a forceful apology for releasing the results of a DNA test that revealed a sliver of American Indian blood in her family tree.

Democrats blasted the liberal Massachusetts senator in October for drawing attention to her biggest political liability in the middle of a tense midterm election cycle.

Warren's DNA analysis, conducted by a privately hired scientist who is an expert on Native American genomics, showed that her Native American ancestry was between 0.09 percent and 1.5 percent..The low end of that scale equates to 1/1,024th.

Full Article By David Martosko | The Daily Mail