Yale Study Shows White Leftists Dumb Down Their Speech When Talking To Minorities

As Reported by Red State

It’s often been said that white leftists have something of a savior complex when it comes to minorities, oftentimes speaking for them when it comes to any issue under the sun. Their patronizing only gets worse when they actually speak TO minorities, however.

According to a study from Yale by assistant professor of organizational behavior, Cydney Dupree, white leftists tend to dumb down their speech and use simpler words when talking to black people according to Yale Insights. The research began with Dupree and her assistant analyzing speeches given by white politicians to minority audiences:

......We often hear from social justice adherents that we carry an implicit bias toward people of other races, and then they immediately point to anyone other than themselves. Now we see why. On average, the white left is guilty of believing minority individuals are of lower intelligence than they are and dumb down their speech in order to feel like they’re being kinder to them by doing so.

Full Article By Brandon Morse | Red State