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'For several Months in late 2019 and early 2020 swarms of 'drones' were seen flying at night over Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Utah. By mid February they had tapered off and official investigations ended. A group of UFO enthusiasts tried to claim responsibility but were largely ignored as it is believed they lacked the resources to perpetrate such a grand undertaking.

What Happened To Colorado’s Mysterious Drones? Here’s The Thing: Nobody Knows

Sightings of the mysterious drones reportedly flying over eastern Colorado are down.

Morgan, Yuma and Weld counties have all noted a drop-off or an end to reports of the drones. The Colorado Department of Public Safety also said their reports are way down.

Sightings of hundreds of drones above Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming made national headlines just a few weeks ago. Residents across the area, plus law enforcement officers, reported seeing the vehicles fly above their homes.

Some of those who say they've seen these drones gathered in Facebook groups like one now called, DRONE Intelligence Center COLORADO NEBRASKA WYOMING and all other states. The consensus there seems to be that reports are down because people got tired of being discredited or "trolled." Residents are still posting sightings and theories in private groups, according to group member Rod Miller.

The sightings caused anxiety in residents over safety and privacy. Area law enforcement teamed up with the FBI and Federal Aviation Administration on a task force to investigate, with no result.

Taskforce leader and Morgan County Sheriff Dave Martin said Jan. 22 that there was no plan for the workgroup to meet again.

The Colorado Department of Public Safety, which was conducting its own investigation, issued a news release on Jan. 13 saying that most of the confirmed sightings were determined to be planets, stars, commercial aircraft or small hobbyist drones. The department said it could did not find evidence substantiating reports of large wingspan drones traveling in groups.

The CDPS report said only there were only four sightings confirmed by law enforcement that didn't have an explanation.

The department said its investigation also determined the drone that came close to hitting a Flight for Life helicopter was a hobbyist's drone unconnected to the mystery.

The Air Force, Google, Amazon and Uber have all denied the drones were theirs.

The CDPS is still accepting reports of the drones but has halted active investigations.

What happened to the mysterious Colorado drones? - DENVER — It was only a few weeks ago that questions about mystery drones spotted in the sky above Colorado’s Eastern Plains dominated national headlines.

But, the updates about the drones – a mystery which prompted a task force involving dozens of agencies as well as private searches – have seemingly disappeared.

Mystery Drones

✔UPDATE: UFO mystery solved? Kansas UFO trackers claim responsibility for drone swarms or 'Tic Tac' aircraft

Space Potatoes - Internal emails show local sheriffs grasping at straws — and playing with comedic instigators

Chasing drones through a Nebraska field, deputies discovered odd brown cylinders wrapped in green meshing nestled in the dirt.

They were slightly bigger than a man’s shoe, and deputies described them as “space potatoes.”

Field tests for meth were conducted. Bulletins were issued to sheriff’s offices in two states. Could the drones have dropped them?

These space potatoes “were found being dropped from the drones in Nebraska,” Kit Carson County Sheriff Tom Ridnour wrote on Jan. 2 to neighboring sheriffs. “They have no idea what it is … The FBI does not think whatever it is is dangerous.” Full Article on Denver Post

FBI, FAA, Air Force Investigate Armies Of Unidentified Drones Appearing Over 3 States At Night - Since just before Christmas, armies of unidentified drones have been appearing each night in the skies above Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas. The drones are approximately 6 feet wide and they have red and white lights, but nobody knows where they are from or who owns them.

This is a story that is now receiving national attention, and the FBI, the FAA and the U.S. Air Force are all investigating this mystery. According to eyewitnesses, these drones can move “much faster than a regular aircraft”, and that would seem to indicate that they are highly sophisticated.

So far, the U.S. military, every government agency that has been asked, and many of the major companies in the area have all denied operating the drones. Federal, state and local law enforcement officials have been doing all that they can to solve this mystery, but so far they have come up completely empty.

Mysterious drone activity suggests ‘swarming technology’ is being tested over eastern Plains

Mystery drone investigation intensifies after close encounter with medical helicopter

‘We don't know who’s flying these’: Colorado mystery drones renew debate about privacy, regulations

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