NAACP Demands Photo ID to Protest Against Photo ID

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By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

The NAACP held a protest against photo ID laws. But attendees were required to bring along a photo ID in order to join the rally.

I have to repeat that in hopes the hypocrisy will isnk in - The NAACP held a march to protest voter ID laws. In order to attend, all members were required to bring along a photo ID. I think that deserves both a 'lol' and a WTF !

In a flier entitled 'Important Dos and Don'ts for Marchers' the NAACP stated at the top that all protesters conduct themselves in accordance with the historic custom of the Civil Rights Movement. They should also listen to their marshals at all times and follow the Dos and Dont's underneath the opening paragraph

They are further indtructed to bring Photo Identification, a copy of the flier is below.

contradictory marching orders NAACP

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