Fall of European Civilization

“By means of caliphate…your conquest, oh Rome, is a matter of certainty. Allahu akbar!” - Muammar al-Gafdafi

The uncivilized post-primitive barbarians on the outskirts of the mighty Roman Empire are largely credited with its decline and eventual fall. The same can be said of Modern Europe, the barbarous semi civilized hoards, fully immersed in the stench of Islam are conquering Europe with barely a shot fired.

Is This How Europe Ends? Fortress Europe is an Illusion

Will these migrants and asylum seekers become good Europeans? Or will they create in the great cities of Europe enclaves that replicate the conditions in the African and Middle East countries whence they came?

“Fortress Europe is an illusion.”

So declares the Financial Times in the closing line of its Saturday editorial: “Europe Cannot Ignore Syrian Migrant Crisis.”

The FT undertakes to instruct the Old Continent on what its duty is and what its future holds: “The EU will face flows of migrants and asylum seekers across the Mediterranean for decades to come.”

Can Europe not repel this unwanted home invasion from the Global South?

It is “delusional” to think so, says the FT. Europe must be realistic and set about “providing legal routes for migrants and asylum seekers.”

What occasioned the editorial was Greece’s rough resistance to Turkish President Erdogan’s funneling of thousands of Syrian refugees, who had fled into Turkey, right up to the border with Greece.

Erdogan is threatening to inundate southeastern Europe with Syrian refugees to extract more money from the EU in return for keeping the 3.5 million Syrians already in Turkey away from EU frontiers.

Another Erdogan objective is to coerce Europe into backing his military intervention in Syria to prevent President Bashar Assad from capturing all of Idlib province and emerging victorious in his civil war.

In the human rights hellhole that is Syria today, we may see the dimensions of the disaster wrought when Wilsonian crusaders set out to depose the dictator Assad and make Syria safe for democracy. Full Story - Patrick J. Buchanan

Fighting the Muslim Re-Conquest of Europe on the Greece-Turkey Border

As Americans remain riveted to the corona virus and the nauseating vicissitudes of the Democrats’ battle to choose a presidential nominee -- a choice now apparently winnowed down to the Marxist or the moron -- this writer’s thoughts once again are drawn to events in Europe. The critical situation now unfolding day by day on the Greek-Turkish border may at first seem of minor concern to America, but in fact it’s a critical part of the overall struggle by patriots on both sides of the Atlantic to preserve Western Civilization. Fighting the Muslim Re-Conquest of Europe on the Greece-Turkey Border American Thinker Jared Peterson

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Greek islanders protest against mass migration: “We want our islands back, we want our lives back”

"In the coming 30 years, the number of Africans will grow by more than one billion people. That is twice the population of the entire European Union... The demographic pressure will be enormous. Last year, more than 180,000 people crossed in shabby boats from Libya. And this is just the beginning. According to EU Commissioner Avramopoulos, at this very moment, 3 million migrants are waiting to enter Europe". — Geert Wilders, MP, The Netherlands, and leader of the Party for Freedom and Democracy - Europe Is Committing Demographic Suicide Zero Hedge - Tyler Durdem

Muslim cleric: “By means of caliphate…your conquest, oh Rome, is a matter of certainty. Allahu akbar!”

Number of Salafists in Germany Reaches Record High, Says Intel Agency - salafists are a militant group of extremist Sunnis

The 'Great Replacement' In Switzerland

Sweden: Huge explosion rocks Stockholm, PM denies any link between mass Muslim migration and rising crime rates

600 pro-Iranians from German city partner protest for terrorist Soleimani

Germany: Eight Arabs Attack Christmas Party at St. Nicolai and Stab Parish Employees

France: Muslim killer of Jewish woman who screamed ‘Allah Akbar!’ ‘‘Dirty Jew!’ while beating her to death WILL NOT STAND TRIAL

Turkish President Erdogan bashes Israel, calls on Muslims to unite against the West

Sweden: Muslim screams, “We Arabs are here to take over your country,” Swede who insults him gets fined

Spain: Muslim migrants pour concrete on memorial to victims of Barcelona jihad massacre

Finland: Leftist government chartering flights to bring Islamic State jihadis back to the country

The Welfare State Is Tearing Sweden Apart Jews warned against wearing kippah in Germany


Surge in Anti-Semitic Attacks Has Caused a 'Sense of Emergency' Among Jews Worldwide, New Report Says

‘France Does Not Belong to the French!’: Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Storm Paris Airport

Swedish Municipalities Head: Chain Migration Causing New Migrant Crisis

Jewish activists worried as neo-Nazis parade the streets of Germany

Italian Town to Cover Crosses at Cemeteries So as Not to Offend Muslims

Denmark: Muslims riot, attack police with missiles, burn garbage cans and bikes because man throws Qur’an in the air

The Archbishop of Strasbourg Luc Ravel, nominated by Pope Francis in February, just declared that "Muslim believers know very well that their fertility is such today, that they call it... the Great Replacement. They tell you in a very calm, very positive way: One day all this, all this will be ours...". - French Archbishop on ‘the Great Replacement’: ‘Muslims Calmly Tell You France Will Be Theirs One Day’

Fertility of Muslims in Europe

We know that native Europeans have low fertility rates. The fertility rates are so low that the population shrinks, it is below the replacement rate of 2.1. The situation is different for the Muslim population in Europe. Rather than shrinking, births alone cause the Muslim population to increase by 66% by 2050 in the EU, Norway and Switzerland. The Muslim fertility rate is very healthy and allows their numbers to grow.

In a zero migration scenario, the Muslim population grows from 25 million to 35 million by 2050. At the same time, the native population shrinks. Considering there is a severe difference between the two groups here, review the data.... Muslim Fertility in Europe - Clovis Institute

Muslims are a relatively small minority in Europe, making up roughly 5% of the population. However, in some countries, such as France and Sweden, the Muslim share of the population is higher. And, in the coming decades, the Muslim share of the continent’s population is expected to grow – and could more than double, according to Pew Research Center projections. Europe’s Growing Muslim Population - Pew Research Center

France: Nearly 20% of newborns have Muslim or Arabic first names

Muslim Birth Rate Outpacing Christians, Will Have Largest Population by 2035: Report