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Just Another Left Wing Nut Job 'Professor'

While employed at the University of Missouri as an associate professor, Melissa Click had been 'earning' over $50,000 annually to teach and conduct research in the field of communications. The precise 'communications' Ms Click researched and taught however were certainly not what we un-indoctrinated tax payers would consider 'communications' - no not at all. The use of communications in the context that click was employed is a form of newspeak. Propagandist studies or liberal indoctrination would certainly be more appropriate to her level of expertise.

Dr. Click came to National attention when she was caught on camera attempting to violently remove a student journalist who refused to conform to her agenda from a protest site. She was taped yelling for "some muscle" to get rid of the student journalist attempting to cover the event. [Mizzou Professor Charged With Assault After Attacking Reporter]

Another video surfaced in which she is shouting profanities at Police Officers trying to clear a road on campus. Click and her student minions were attempting to sabotage the Homecoming parade by blocking the roadway. [MELISSA CLICK stand-off with officer: 'Get your fucking hands off me!']

Melissa Click

The University's faculty refused to take any action against Click. Eventually however, after continued exposure of Dr. Clicks bizarre behavior The University of Missouri System Board of Curators, which oversees the faculty was forced to terminate her. It voted 4-2 for her firing.

'I am embarrassed that the Board of Curators had to act because the faculty would not Stated Schierbecker, the student journalist victimized by Click .

The video in which Click assaulted Mark Schierbecker, a student journalist shows a group of useful idiot protesters assaulting another student journalist who was trying to take photographs. Dr. Click stood by and watched as her Minions enforced the leftist agenda against the young non conforming student. Click jumped into commando mode when she spotted Schierbecker.

Although she was fired in Missouri she eventually found employment at Gonzaga University in Washington State. No - not as the lunch lady, which would be more suited to her, but they actually let her 'teach' again - imagine that ?

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