Lesbians Hijacked Feminism
Homosexuality and Feminism

Radical feminism and the Gay movement are joined at the hip. Some, such as Betty Friedan, once viewed Lesbians as a cancer that parasitized the Feminist movement, while others saw it as a natural partner in their quest for a misandric man hating emasculated society.

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Inside a Feminazi Mind

Lesbians and related degenerates infiltrated NOW [3] in its early days, in fact it was so readily infested in its infancy that president Betty Friedan labeled them the "lavender menace" and fired her openly lesbian newsletter editor who was prolifically recruiting lesbians into the movement.

In 1970 Friedan was instrumental in expelling Lesbians from NOW's New York chapter, alas too little too late. By NOW [pun intended] they had wormed their way into every facet of the organizations machinery. Whether the heterosexual misandrists liked it or not.

By 1971 the dike [pun also intended] had broken and the lesbian deluge came pouring in. Like raw sewage on a sweltering summer day, the stench lingers to this very day. Lesbians in NOW pushed through a resolution declaring 'that a womans right to her own person includes the right to define and express her own sexuality and to choose her own lifestyle," and another that declared forcing lesbian mothers to stay in marriages or to live a secret existence in an effort to keep their children was unjust. Feminism was now the lap dog of Gay militancy.

Many Heterosexual feminists do try to maintain a respectable distance between themselves and the Carpet Muncher mafia, but their voices are largely drowned out by the rabid Vaginatarians.

Lesbians have responded to the strickly dickly females with pro-queer propaganda and have even borrowed a line form the Gay agenda playbook in inserting a term into their new-speak linguistics - they refer to those in the feminist movement who oppose them as 'lesbophobic' in an attempt at 'Jamming' [see liberal b tech.] opposition.

Jamming is a tactic designed to force opponents into silence by accusations of Racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, latent homosexual tendencies, misogyny and now 'lesbophobia'. The purpose being to create a social stigmatization of any opponents. See - Basic Brainwashing Tactics of The Leftist Elite

Andrea Dworkin, an alleged heterosexual in the upper echelon of Radical Feminism was an equal opportunity misanthropist, she hated everybody equally with or without a phallic appendage, that didn't bend to her demented World View.

She wrote that women who enjoyed sex with men were 'collaborators, more base than other collaborators have ever been: experiencing pleasure in their own inferiority'

Feminazi Charlotte Bunch wrote " Lesbians must become feminists and fight against woman oppression, just as Feminists must become Lesbians if they hope to end male supremacy.... Race, class, and national oppression come from men, serve ruling class white men's interests, and have no place in a woman-identified revolution....Changes which will have more than token effects on our lives will be led by women-identified Lesbians who understand the nature of our oppression and are therefore in a position to end it." [2]


References and Footnotes

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3. NOW = National Organization 'for' Women



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