Gay Subtext
Aimed at Children

The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today  

Denigration of a cultures moral values has Historically been a precursor of its demise. Dating back to the Biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah and fast forward through the Roman Empire, the Russian Tsars and so forth. This Demon of depravity is currently burrowing its way into American society at a breakneck speed. A decline and degeneration of morality historically precedes a societies collapse.

Huston Smith, a renowned and respected theological scholar, in his work World Religions identified four danger zones which predicted a societies decline - they are force, wealth, sex and speech

Unrestrained and unchecked Force will destroy a community by spreading from a single act of violence which spews attacks of vengeance and an endless cycle. Smith goes on to compare humans and animal activities to demonstrate how God gave human society an additional challenge of striving to maintain an equilibrium in all four of these 'danger zones'.

In the animal Kingdom, a natural order exists in which all four 'danger zones' are automatically and naturally regulated. In the Human Realm however, where we are guided as much by intellect as by instinct, a natural order does not self maintain itself. There is nothing to stop a degenerate member of society from doing as they will, regardless of the consequences for society as a whole. And there is nothing, other than society itself to prevent degenerate, devious and depraved members from spreading their degeneracy to the society as a whole.

Social engineering via media manipulation is a tactic employed extensively by the heirs and remnants of the Red menace. The puppet masters of malarkey have infiltrated and saturated the Entertainment Industry and are working vigorously, deviously and clandestinely to capture the minds and hearts of societies youngest members. The left has wholeheartedly embraced the philosophy of their forebear and fellow socialist Adolf Hitler who stated 'He alone who owns the Youth, gains the future."

The attack on traditional values, in particular the onslaught against sexual morality in American and Western societies is being led by a horde of rabid horsemen flying under a rainbow banner.

From Crayons to Condoms: The Ugly Truth About America's Public Schools

African American Enslavement quote gay publication Dumbed Down Students

They believe themselves empowered not only by the lunacy and ignorance of the left wing useful idiot progressives, but by the impotence and disorganization of the right wing

One major front in this war goes back to the Hitlerian concept that he who controls the Children, owns the future. Gay subtext - subliminal programming is much easier to perpetrate on younger and very impressionable minds.

Forcing Homosexuality and deviant degenerate behavior down the throats of our Children is tantamount to forcing ones phallic philosophy up the parents buttocks. It's rape of Civilization.

Activist and writer for 'Queerty' a gay publication summed up this apsect of their Agenda in his article -'Recruiting children? You bet we are !' in which he stated 'I would very much like for many of these young boys to grow up and start f**ing men..' [11]

Many of our beloved icons of animated entertainment, as well as characters of flesh and blood have been employed to implant time bombs in the minds of Children. Spongebob, Harry Potter, Scooby-Doo, Buster Bunny and even the X-men have become spokes people for the Degenerate Agenda.


Spongebob producers have long since claimed that even though his name is Bob and his partner is Patrick, despite the fact that they both have masculine mannerisms and adolescent male voices that they are asexual - without sexual feelings or associations.

They fail to explain why Patrick goes tranvsestite in several episodes and sexually arouses spongebob, they fail to explain why spongebob becomes distraught when patrick has an affair with another bikini bottom character.

The quasi subliminal sexual innuendos in the show are peppered through out many episodes, very subtlety and many go undetected but make no mistake they are there. See - Spongebob


Harry Potter

Author JK Rowlng called her novels a 'prolonged argument for tolerance'. Her Dumbledore character, as well as other degenerate topics are intricately woven into the scripts. They border on subliminal programming at times, aimed at a young audience as they are I would readily label them a 'prolonged subliminal indoctrination.' Modern day wizardry designed to capture minds and spirits before they fully develop.

On The O'Reilly Factor in October 2007 Bill O'Reilly questioned whether the Harry Potter character Albus Dumbledore was part of a 'gay agenda' aimed at indoctrinating children.

'Is indoctrination too strong a term? How about socialization? Should it not concern parents that Rowling only now, ten years after the introduction of the character Dumbledore, admitted that she intended this character to be gay? For goodness sake, this character is a father figure and a mentor in the books, and he falls in love with his evil arch-enemy! Rowling has said that her books were a 'prolonged argument for tolerance' (Time, 10/20/07). Okay, so no indoctrination going on there, right? " - Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, [5]

In her attempt to parlay the unprecedented success of her Harry Potter series, in 2012 she unleashed another work , The Casual Vacancy, this time aimed at Adults. One reader called it '500 pages of relentless socialist manifesto masquerading as literature crammed down your throat.'

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X-Men: First Class was a blockbuster viewed by millions . Very few knew they were being manipulated by gay propaganda. The film uses metaphors traditionally assigned to the gay community in presenting their 'mutant' super heroes and strives to form a mental if not subliminal correlation between their fictional superheroes and real life homosexuals.

X-Men mutants struggle with societies reluctance to accept their mutations coming out, a term closely identified with gays "coming out" of the closet is supplanted with X-Men superheroes "coming out" with their mutations/super powers.

Gay Agendaites , in particular gay screen writer Dan Harris who wrote the screenplay for X2 and gay screenwriter Michael Dougherty who was his co-conspirator, admit that they portray the X-Men mutancy as Gay propaganda in its attempt to implant largely through semi subliminal metaphors further acceptance of homosexuality in society. They desire the audience , if only subconsciously to see Gays as Superheroes.

"...some behind the X-Men movies want their audience to see X-Men as superheroes coming out, as analogous to gays coming out of the closet, and their superpowers, as analogous to homosexual lifestyles." [8]

"..Singer and his screenwriters equipped X-Men and X2 with the rhetorical stealth needed to fly below the gaydar of many critics and audience members." [9]

In 2012 Marvel Comics had one of its X-Men Superheroes come out as a Gay -X-Men gay marriage: Marvel superhero proposes to his boyfriend

Happy Feet & Happy Feet 2

No, the Happy Feet Penguins are not Gay but subtle subtext is inserted , one misfit penguin runs afoul of the so-called religious right in the penguin world, who are sternly authoritarian and judgmental. They state, "You are not a penguin. You're not a real penguin." At which the misfit states "Dad, you have to accept me as I am. I can't change." The primary gay theme however involves a pair of krill.


The New York Posts Kyle Smith states that the animated movie Happy Feet 2 cant keep itself away from inserting the idea of gay marriage into a movie aimed at kids. Crustaceans voiced by Matt Damon and Brad Pitt introduce it:

'Perplexingly, things take a turn for the gay: Damons krill says he wants to raise kids together, at which point Pitts notes that they are both males, yet Damon thinks this is no big deal and (I am not making this up) starts suggestively singing a Wham! song, which causes Pitt (not unreasonably) to dump Damon.' Smith added: 'I have got nothing against alternative-lifestyle krill, but what are they doing in my dancing-penguin movie?' [7]

What are they doing in your Penguin Movie ? - The answer is quite elementary Kyle - they are hammering an agenda into the minds of Children.

Buster Bunny

Much to the annoyance of the Gay Agendaites, a cartoon called Postcards from Buster was pulled from many networks for an episode in which a family of lesbian moms and three kids are introduced. At least one of the children are not the products of these girls loins, and I certainly shant detract from the admirable practice of some gays who are unable to sexually produce offspring for giving a home to these orphans. What I do find disturbing is using these children in an attempt to legitimize their perversion. See Lesbians on Postcards From Buster youtube video of the episode

Gay Media

Gay Spongebob

Scooby Doo

Is Velma a lesbian? Viewers have taken a keen interest in Velmas sexual orientation.

Velma is based on a character in Dobie Gillis named Zelda Gilroy. Sheila Kuehl, the actress who played Zelda grew up to be a gay rights activist, but there is no sign of her perversion in the Dobie Gillis series. Circumstantial evidence tends to point to Velma being Gay , but there is no indication that she was ever intended to be anything more than a female nerd by the creators. Sorry I just don't see any Gay Agenda manipulation here just wishful thinking by the gay community for another indoctrination outlet.


In 1999, Tinky Winky one of the teletubbies, was accused of being a closet queen and as per Jerry Falwell a moral menace. Tinky Winky is purple with triangular antennae, both of which allegedly signal gay pride. Tinky Winky carried something identical to a women's purse. Itsy-Bitsy Entertainment claims that Tinky Winky is not gay .

Batman and Robin

"Fredric Wertham asserted in his 1954 book Seduction of the Innocent that "Batman stories are psychologically homosexual". Wertham, as well as parodies, fans and other independent parties, have described Batman and his sidekick Robin (Dick Grayson) as homosexual, possibly in a relationship with each other. DC Comics has never indicated Batman to be gay, but several female characters in the Modern Age Batman comic books are expressly lesbian" [10]

This is not the case with the 1960s era television series that my generation grew up with, a romantic lust between Cat woman and Batman is hinted at in this series, but no evidence of perverts influencing this series is viable. Of course this was all before the Gay Agenda became as powerful as it is today. See - Old Debate: Super-Heroes, Sexuality : Commentary: Could Batman and Robin be gay? The characters resonate with some homosexuals because the crime-fighters lead a double life and have a secret.

Bert & Ernie

Are the beloved Sesame Street Characters Bert & Ernie Gay ? Rumors, possibly originating within the gay mafia, possibly from right wing paranoids, have been circulated that Bert and Ernie are actually homosexual lovers. Quite frankly, I don't see it proven that the Sesame Street characters are anything more than good friends much like Oscar and Felix of the Odd Couple. What I do see is a gay mafia utilizing any form of deviant shenanigans available to manipulate perceptions in their favor, especially among the children of normal people, they would simply adore Bert and Ernie for being Gay.

Bert and Ernie are two grown men sharing a house and a bedroom. They share clothes, eat and cook together and have blatantly effeminate characteristics. In one show Bert teaches Ernie how to sew. In another they tend plants together. If this isn't meant to represent a homosexual union, I can't imagine what it's supposed to represent. - Reverend Joseph Chambers [1]

Bert and Ernie conduct themselves in the same loving, discreet way that millions of gay men, women and hand puppets do. They do their jobs well and live a splendidly settled life together in an impeccably decorated cabinet. [2]

2002- Lawyers for Sesame Workshop obtained a cease and desist order which stopped the further showings of a film "Ernest & Bertram" by Peter Spears, in which puppet characters based on Sesame Streets Bert and Ernie confess a romantic attraction.[1]

They are not gay, they are not straight, they are puppets,' says Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell. 'They don't exist below the waist. [3]

.. the biggest misconception that people have about Sesame Street that you're hoping to dispel ..?, That Bert and Ernie are gay... the truth is that those characters are a projection of the real-life friendship between Jim Henson and Frank Oz. [4]

Jim Henson and Frank Oz were perfectly normal hetero men who had both a professional and strong personal friendship - What ! two men can't be friends without some gutter minded homos trying to recruit their legacy into the Gay Agenda !? Even Spongebob Squarepants was a target of the gay agendaites due to his close friendship with Patrick. They attempted to recruit the guy who lives in a pineapple under the sea as a tool of indoctrination, but alas the creator of the show debunked them and Spongebob wiggled off the hook. [6]

Relevant Links - New Yorkers Bert And Ernie Cover Sparks Controversy

Xena: Warrior Princess

Gay Lesbian subtext in Xena Warrior Princess

The Amazonian like, ferocious and vivacious warrior, heroine of Prime Time and scourge of the evil warlords of ancient Greece was a Gay ? Apparently so - and her lover was her bubbly little blonde sidekick Gabrielle.

Lucy Lawless, the actress who portrayed Xena states in an interview ...Interviewer: "Do you see a special role for Xena in kind of the hopes and the enjoyment that some people have pinned on that character?"

Lucy Lawless {Xena} : "Well, yes, I do. I do, because if you think about it, there's so little for the lesbian community to directly relate to on television, or has been in the past, that to see two women traveling along side by side, that doesn't involve talking about boys the whole time, so naturally, that would be very appealing. It seems that gay people think she's gay and straight people think she's straight."

Lucy Lawless on Lesbian Xena Producer Liz Friedman ".. She's the first woman I've worshipped! I'd crawl 40 miles through broken glass just to wank off in her shadow!"



Footnotes and References

1. [Goodridge, Michael "The best films you can't see: Ernest & Bertram is the latest in a series of acclaimed queer films banned from public view because their makers stepped on some famous toes." - Free Library]

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6. Spongebob was used in a promotional video along with other children's characters to promote "diversity" [Homosexuality] It was criticized by a religious groups in the United States because they saw the character SpongeBob being utilized as an advocate for homosexuality -US right attacks SpongeBob video  See also  We Are Family produced by the We Are Family Foundation, a pro-homosexual, pro-feminist group.