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What is the Gay Agenda

As per the Family Research Council, the group which initially coined the term "gay agenda" with their educational series "hidden gay agenda" the "gay-agenda" is an assault on Christian values, a frontal assault on God, and an anal assault on masculinity. It is an evil sinister plot to destroy the foundation of the Family.

I see the Gay Agenda as a devious assault on reality, and on the morality of our youth. The perpetuation of seething lies designed to fester in the minds of society and the pitiful homosexual individuals who are afflicted by this debilitating psychological malady.

Homosexual activists claim they only seek acceptance and tolerance from mainstream society, but as per Marshall Kirk, a prophet of the Gay Agenda - "In the early states of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent -- and only later his unsightly derriere! "

Pederasts, [Pedophiles] gender-benders, sadomasochists and other minorities in the homosexual community with more extreme peculiarities would keep a low profile until homosexuality is in the tent. Only strong and favorable images of homosexuals should be displayed. [ Paul E. Rondeau - Selling Homosexuality in America ]

We, the straight community{ies} , the un-afflicted heterosexuals of the World are the Camel of which he speaks, and I would implore that the degenerates of the Gay community to keep their eyes off of, and agenda out of our 'unsightly derrieres' !


Gay Media Manipulation

From the 1972 Gay Rights Platform

Promote Gay Privilege via "non-discrimination laws"

Demand public funds directed towards mounting homosexual problems

Force "gay marriage" on society

Repeal all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit.

Repeal all legislative provisions that restrict the age of persons entering into a marriage unit.

Repeal all laws governing the age of sexual consent. [6]

Destroy all Sexual Morality

Recruit Children

James Komack was the producer of many top Television programs of the 60s and 70s Welcome Back Kotter, Chico and the man, Love American Style and others. In **The homosexual revolution: End time abomination, he is credited with the following statement. 'Do you know the most powerful lobby in the entertainment business? Bigger than blacks or women's lib or any nationalist or racist group. It's the gays. If you don't have the approval of the Gay Media Task Force, you don't go on the air.

Perhaps this is one reason that you will rarely see a homosexual bad guy in the media.

Homosexual propaganda has been around for many years, the spark that ignited their present day stranglehold however was a brilliant book **After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of GaysAfter the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90s - 1989, a researcher in neuropsychiatry and his side kick Hunter Madsen.

This powerfully persuasive, perverse and popular book within the gay community presents an impassioned plea, a call to arms if you will for homosexual activists to implement an aggressive, concerted and organized campaign to mold public perceptions. The book further lays out a blueprint, a methodology that has been rigidly implemented and enforced over the past 2 decades . Their rationalization for launching such a campaign is that people who do not agree with, or adhere to the Gay Agenda are "bigots, haters, or ignorants".

Gay Comic Book Characters

The book further attempts to justify gay activists use of unscrupulous tactics , mass deceit, brainwashing, lying and malicious slander, blackmail, intimidation and violence. Kirk and Madsens book states the following ....

All sexual morality should be abolished" (pages 64 to 67)

Homosexual agenda can succeed by "jamming" and "confusing" adversaries, so as to block or counteract the "rewarding of prejudice" (page 153);

All opposing disagreements to homosexual behavior is rooted in "Homophobia, Homohatred, and Prejudice" (page 112)

A media campaign should portray only the most favorable side of gays (page 170);

Discourage anti-gay harassment by linking and calling all those that have opposing opinions to latent homosexuality (i.e., call people homophobic) (page 227)

It is acceptable to call people "Homophobic" or "Haters" if they do not agree 100% with the gay agenda views, opinions, or behavior. (page 23)

Gay Spongebob

Throughout the 1990s, the media message pertaining to treatment of Homosexuals was "Tolerance". However, as society became more tolerant of their affliction largely through educational and media mind programming we have become less tolerant of those who refuse to subscribe to this political correctness. It is difficult to fathom, but there was a time not long ago, when morality and virtue was celebrated in mainstream society. Today, anybody in the public eye particularly the mainstream media who dares to disagree with homosexuality or homosexual viewpoints will more than likely be fired, branded and blacklisted.

Through the media, homosexuals have won the tolerance and sympathies of the huddled masses.

Numerous novels, plays, movies, and television shows have tediously worn down and desensitized society from its former disgust with the homosexual.

Fitzgibbons presented a list of psychological difficulties endured by homosexuals. Which includes, but is certainly not limited to major depression, suicidal tendencies, sever anxiety disorders, addiction and substance abuse, lowered self-esteem ,inability to maintain committed relationships.

The Gay apologists have frequently cited persecution as a primary cause of these disorders, however, Dr. Fitzgibbons has correctly pointed out that many of these studies were conducted in cultures where homosexuality is widely accepted. These studies have been completely ignored by the APA. In fact in many cases they have not only been ignored, but refuted with tainted evidence, and non-scholarly half baked studies.

Gender Identity Disorder - [Transvestites] - What next Pedophiles ?

Gender identity disorder [gender dysphoria] is the diagnosis used by psychology professionals to describe people who self identify as the opposite sex, it is a condition in which a male or female feels a strong identification with the opposite sex. A person with Gender identity disorder frequently experiences dissatisfaction with their actual physical gender. They frequently act and represent themselves as members of the opposite sex. They are also known as transsexuals and transvestites.

In December 2012, as in 1973, when Homosexuality was declassified, the APA has once again bowed down to political pressure and manipulation from Gay Activists and removed GID - Gender Identity Disorder from the DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] without any scientific basis of fact - they have totally disregarded Scientific Objectivity.

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality is one group which has been highly critical of the APA and it's perversion of the Truth. [See:LaBarbera Discusses APA Removal of Gender Identity Disorder (GID) from DSM-V]

Gay Mafia

Chronology of Gay Activism and Terrorism

1970 New York Post columnist Pete Hamill refers to gays as ~slim-waisted freakcreeps~ Gay activists picketed the Post and demanded Hamill be fired. The editor apologized, but defended the editorial freedom of his writers.

1970 Gay activists occupied the offices of Harpers Magazine after the magazine ran a cover story~Homo/Hetero: The Struggle for Sexual Identity~ that described homosexuality as "an affront to our rationality living evidence of our despair of ever finding a sensible, an explainable design to the world."

1972 - The Gay Media Task Force is created by the National Gay Task Force to be an organization to manipulate and control network television programming, theoretically as it addressed gay issues.

1972 ..... the networks tilted against the guardians of morality. They began to send scripts to gay Gay consultants routinely. "Anything that crops up in a script that is even remotely gay" said the writer Allan Burns , "They get it and they really make themselves heard" **Inside Prime TimeInside Prime Time Paperback January 2, 2000 by Todd Gitlin ** by Todd Gitlin 1972 Gay activist, turned journalist Mark Segal feigns disdain that he could not dance with a gay partner on a dance show, infiltrates an ABC affiliate in Philadelphia and interrupts the news broadcast. He later pulled similar charades against the Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show when he stormed out of the Audience during a live show, on the Mike Douglas show and Today shows. Variety claimed that the activities of Segal alone, not to mention other gay activities had cost the entertainment industry $750,000 in costs including lost advertising revenue.

1973 - Gay propagandist/activist invades CBS News with Walter Cronkite.

1974 A popular and long-running medical drama on ABC - Marcus Welby MD tells the story of a teen boy who is sexually molested by his gay science teacher. The episode, ~The Outrage ~ aired October 8, 1974. Gays squawked immediately - a campaign against the network ensued, gays bombarded over 200 organizations with hate mail and lobbied vigorously. Many major sponsors pulled out ,17 affiliates dropped the program. Some of the affiliates dropping the program were coerced by threats of reprisal if they failed to pull it from their stations . ...Like other media activists Loretta Lotman already had established ties with the management of ... local ABC Affiliate.... she warned that if something were not done about the program they would be hit with protests the likes of which they had never seen before.. **Target: Prime Time: Advocacy Groups and the Struggle Over Entertainment Television (Communication and Society) **

1977 Florida gay rights/privileges ordinance sparks strong opposition . Former Miss Oklahoma beauty pageant winner, and outspoken critic of homosexuality Anita Bryant led the campaign that successfully had the law repealed and she paid dearly. Her career came to a screeching halt, her credibility and reputation was viciously assaulted . She was at one point physically assaulted with a pie while attempting to exercise her right to Free Speech. Beware all those who oppose the Gay Agenda Anita Bryant's career was destroyed by her campaign against "militant homosexuality" She ultimately suffered a divorce, needed counseling, and was bankrupted.

The Anita Bryant StoryThe Anita Bryant Story Paperback January 1, 1979

Anita Bryant assaulted - YouTube

Like Satan, Anita Bryant keeps coming back.

1978 - A Question of Love, ABC TV movie airs based on a lesbian mother and her struggle for custody of her children. Part of manipulated trend to positive TV images of gays , acknowledged as a result of gay activists.

1980 - CBS Reports Episode Gay Power, Gay Politics draws strong criticism for what the gay camp referred to as malicious inaccuracies and slanting of the news. The program did heavily focus on the sexual practices of gay males , in particular sadomasochism. The National News Council, stated that CBS had violated journalistic standards through misrepresentation as well as through deceptive editing. I find it curious that the National News Council never says anything when CBS manipulates in favor of the Left leaning liberals and democrats which it has consistently for decades. **See Dan Rather**




1983 NY Times did not cover a fundraiser for Gay Mens Health Crisis in Madison Square Garden - leads to protests and eventual apology from the Times for not helping in promoting the Gay Agenda

1985 "....You can handle homosexuality - as long as you handle it a lovely, tolerant fashion that will not upset the gay liberation lobby" - Earnest Kinov writer, screenwriter and playwright.

1987 Marshall K. Kirk and Erastes Pill wrote a strategy series of articles entitled "The Overhauling of Straight America" which appeared in Guide Magazine. They wrote ... "In the early states of any campaign to reach straight America, the masses should not be shocked and repelled by premature exposure to homosexual behavior itself. Instead, the imagery of sex should be downplayed and gay rights should be reduced to an abstract social question as much as possible. First let the camel get his nose inside the tent -- and only later his unsightly derriere! "

1987 A study by The Center for Media and Public Affairs reported that only 9% of the characters depicted on TV with AIDS are identified as homosexual ,while in actuality, over 70 percent of such persons have AIDS or HIV. This is in accordance with the unwritten homosexual lobby's demand to define AIDS as non-gay disease.

1988, a conference of 175 gay activist leaders convened near Washington, D.C. to establish an agenda. After that meeting, Harvard-trained social scientists and homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen wrote the Gay manifesto After The Ball

1988 episode of NBC's "Midnight Caller" originally portrayed a homosexual as an AIDS carrier who deliberately infects straight woman, a gaggle of gays gathered and more rapidly flocked to NBC Studios and vigorously protested loudly outside the set. The script was changed to appease the pervs, and the program executives humbly kissed their royal infected derrieres while apologizing profusely.

1988, Cosmopolitan magazine published an article "Reassuring News About AIDS: A Doctor Tells Why You May Not Be At Risk." which attempted to inform the public that in unprotected vaginal sex between a man and a woman , the risk of HIV transmission was basically nonexistant, even if the man was infected. This did not fit within the narrow confines of the warped reality that the Homosexual agenda was attempting to ram down societies throat. When lobbying and coercion against the Author and Cosmopolitan failed, the gay agendaites decided they "had to shut down Cosmo." They produced a video entitled, "Doctor, Liars, and Women: AIDS Activists Say No To Cosmo." Activists protested vigorously at the Hearst building (parent company of Cosmopolitan) chanting "Say no to Cosmo!"

1989 Andy Rooney states on air that the year had brought recognition of the fact that many of the ills which kill us are self-induced: too much alcohol, too much food, drugs, homosexual unions, cigarettes. The are all known to lead quite often to premature death shortly thereafter Rooney made a racial comment .... believed all along that most people are born with equal intelligence, but blacks have watered down their genes because the less intelligent ones are the ones that have the most children. They drop out of school early, do drugs, and get pregnant. he is suspended for the racial comment , a Gay uproar follows because he was not disciplined for the Gay comment.

1990 The Sacramento Union publishes several editorials against pro-homosexual activities. Vandals quickly destroyed over a hundred of the newspaper's vending machines. The vandalized machines were plastered with stickers from the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power / ACT UP .

1990 The Wall Street Journal editorialized that it seems to be entirely permissible to discuss homosexuality.....only if you maintain "the approved point of view."

1991 During the height of Operation Desert Storm, ACT UP activist John Weir and two other activists entered the studio of the CBS Evening News at the beginning of the broadcast. They shouted "AIDS is news. Fight AIDS, not Arabs!" Even anchorman Dan Rather, that befuddled bastion of left wing lunacy was not immune to the Gay onslaught. . The same night ACT UP demonstrated at the studios of the MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour. The next day activists displayed banners in Grand Central Terminal that said "Money for AIDS, not for war" and "One AIDS death every 8 minutes." One of the banners was handheld and displayed across the train timetable and the other attached to bundles of balloons that lifted it up to the ceiling of the station's enormous main room. These actions were part of a coordinated protest called "Day of Desperation."[Wikipedia]

1992 Marketing reports indicate that gays have more expendable income than normal people, mainstream advertisers began pouring money into gay publications. Some advertising revenues nearly double.

1994 Roseanne TV episode features a kiss between two females. 1997 Lesbian Television personality Ellen Degenerate .... uh I mean Degeneres, has her TV character also come out, ratings climb.

1996 Los Angeles magazine cover story by gay journalist David Ehrenstein,, argued that gay material was more persuasive than the average viewer might have thought. "You may not have noticed, but your favorite sitcoms are written by gays and lesbians." informed readers with a tongue in cheek nod to the idea of a gay sitcom writer mafia." Gay TV and Straight AmericaGay TV and Straight America Paperback  February 2, 2006 by Ron Becker by Ron Becker Pg. 163}

2012 DC Comics relaunches its Green Lantern character as Gay, the original character was a married father of two who first appeared in 1940

2011 - Gallup poll shows that U.S. adults estimate that 25% of Americans are gay or lesbian.
52% of American Adults estimate that at least one in five Americans are gay or lesbian.
35% estimate that more than one in four are. Few put the figure at less than 15%.
The actual number ??? .... drum roll .... envelope please ..... and the answer is ....... LESS THAN 4% are Gay !!!!!

That's correct only 1 - 4% of the U.S. population is Gay or Lesbian. Why in Gods name would so many allegedly educated {or indoctrinated as the case may be} and supposedly informed American Adults believe that so very many of their countrymen are homosexuals ? .... drum roll ..... the answer is ....Gross over representation and coverage by the Media, both in Entertainment Fiction {Soaps, Sitcoms, Movies..} as well as News coverage.

Almost any show currently airing on television features at least one homosexual. Daytime talk shows, Soaps, and comedies are rampant with out of closet card carrying homosexual characters. In addition, all these characters are not permitted to display character flaws, they are either wealthy, educated, and happy OR depressed and oppressed by perceived mistreatment from normal people.

2013 FemTechNet - A feminist internet group is organizing a program entitled "Storming Wikipedia," and are calling for women to edit the site and add feminist stories . Now I see nothing wrong with giving equal representation to the contributions of Women to science , history, the arts and so on, the problem lies in the adverse and perverted agenda which the controlling agents for this organization espouse. A warped world view, generally completely out of context is what they envision and will attempt to implant within the pages of the most trafficked reference site available.

Yale University, Brown University, Pennsylvania State University and many others will offer college credits to students who help to impose the feminist view on wikipedia readers. ~ Storming feminist thinking into Wikipedia

2014 A Religious group known as Focus on the Family is trying to release a movie in theaters entitled ~Irreplaceable~ which presents their views of the value of the traditional family, and dares to suggest the importance of fathers being involved in the lives of their children. I can't comment reliably on the entertainment value or worthiness of the film , as I haven't seen it, and if the Gay Mafia has their way I will never have the opportunity - nor will you.

LGBT advocates, pawns of the Gay Mafia, have launched an intensive campaign to discredit the movie online. The Campaign to shut the Movie Down are being coordinated on Facebook, Twitter and a petition begun by a gay teacher from California. They have petitioned against it and are working vigorously to ensure that it is never seen in local theaters. The President of Focus on Family, Jim Daly reported that some of the more than 700 theaters nationwide scheduled to show the film are backing out under pressure from the Gay Mafia. [See Gay mafia' attacks Focus on the Family movie ] Where was all the righteous indignation when the gay propaganda film broke back mountain came out, Or when pedophile Bryan Singer and his co-conspirators blasted his self admitted subliminal gay propaganda at kids via XMen ? [See : Comic Books and the Gay Agenda



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