Victims of the Gay Mafia

Gay Mafia

By Ricardo Swift

Do you know the most powerful lobby in the entertainment business? Bigger than blacks or women's lib or any nationalist or racist group. It's the gays. If you don't have the approval of the Gay Media Task Force, you don't go on the air.. James Komack - Gay Media Control

High Profile Gay Mafia Victims

Michael S. Ovitz

One man described in the 80's and 90s as one of the most powerful men in tinseltown was Michael S. Ovitz. Co Founder of Creative Artists Agency, President of the Walt Disney Company - fired by Gay Mafia mogul Michael Eisner in 1997 and replaced by a promoter of homosexuality Robert Iger, Iger in turn promoted more gay mafioso - such as openly gay propagandist Rich Ross as chairman of Walt Disney Studios. In an interview with Vanity Fair Ovitz claims that the Gay Mafia destroyed him. It appears that Mr. Ovitz is perfectly capable of making enemies all on his own, without the help of the Gay Mob. After all, he is an ambitious ,aggressive and successful entrepreneur. But the Gay Mafia seemed to come together in coordination to help push him over the cliff.

Former Ovitz employees who had infiltrated his once highly successful organization were suspected of actually being killer Dillers - Gay Mafioso. Bryan Lourd is one of these back stabbers. Lourd got his start as a talent agent working for Michael Ovitz, Ovitz refused to play ball with Gay gangsters and was blacklisted, which is when Lourd split from his organization and basically worked overtime to destroy it, it is theorized under the direction of Barry Diller.  He began by stealing clients away from his mentor, the hand that fed him, and his attempts , orchestrated by The Gay Godfather no doubt, have continued unabated , leaving Lourds with an estimated net worth of $35 million and Michael S. Ovitz a ruined man.

Lourds now works for InterActiveCorp . InterActiveCorp is an online media company controlled by Barry Diller which openly promotes Gay Causes and panders to the Gay Community.

Kevin Huvane is another Ovitz associate who joined with the Killer Dillers to help bring down Ovitz. Openly gay , Huvane is a close friend of Barry Diller , he was once a partner of Ovitz , but turned on him like a rabid dog when the timing was right. Some of his clientele include Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep. [See: Feud with Michael Ovitz spied]

Phil Robertson - The Duck Dynasty Star.  Robertson came under attack after anti-gay comments he made in 2013.  A and E  the network jointly owned by Hearst and ABC - A Disney subsidiary, suspended him from the show indefinitely, other companies were  such as Cracker Barrel Stores stopped selling Duck Dynasty merchandise.  But in this instance the Public Backlash against A&E for infringing on Robertsons right o Free Speech trumped the Gays and A&E was pressured to reinstate the Duck Man.

Kirk Cameron, an actor known for his role as Mike Seaver on the television sitcom Growing Pains , as well as other television shows and Movies. His documentary film "Unstoppable" helped to identify him as a Religious advocate ,which in Hollywood is frowned upon. His comments on homosexuality have caused him to be blacklisted. Kirk Cameron ran afoul of the Gay Mob in 2012 when he expressed his opinions regarding homosexuality which he called unnatural. I think that it's - it's detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization,  stated Cameron. Which earned him a scarlet letter and inclusion of the Hollywood Blacklist.

Isaiah Washington, Greys Anatomy star claimed nobody in Hollywood would touch him after he uttered an anti-gay slur backstage at the 2007 Golden Globe Awards.

MSNBC, that bastion of socio-fascist propaganda fired Alec Baldwin over an Anti-Gay comment he made against a photographer, calling him a c-ck s-king faggot. Alec Baldwin is a hard person to defend, he is known for his outspoken bravado and insensitivity while in his rage states . Which made it all the easier for MSNBC to dump him.

Proposition 8

Harassment against Proposition 8 supporters in California began in late 2008. Proposition 8 was a voter referendum that amended the states constitution to recognize marriage as being between one man and one woman, effectively banning gay marriage, which had been legal in the state following a May 2008 California Supreme Court case.

Following it's passage of the proposition by the California electorate, the gay mafia obtained donation lists of all who had supported it by contributing to the "Yes on 8" campaign, they published the list, organized an activism group, and began organizing boycotts of the supporters and their employers.

The harassment continues to this day, one its most recent victims was Brendan Eich former CEO of Mozilla who made a small donation to a group that supported banning Gay Marriage in California. The Gay Mafia and its foot soldiers latched onto this fact and attacked his company forcing him to resign in 2014. An earlier victim of this vicious and malicious harassment was aimed at Scott Eckern.

Eckern was the artistic director of the nonprofit California Musical Theatre, he too like Eich, was forced to resign after the Yes vote on Proposition 8 donation list revealed a $1,000 contribution he had made.

Nowhere was the wrath of the gods of gaydom felt more than in the entertainment Industry. Anybody from that pitiful sector who became associated with opposition to the Gay Community was targeted.

One such victim was Richard Raddon who was the director of the Los Angeles Film Festival, he was forced to resign in November 2008 after it was disclosed that he donated $1,500 towards Proposition 8.

Alan Stock, CEO of Cinemark Theaters contributed $9,999 to the Yes on Prop. 8 campaign. The Sundance Film Festival, based in Utah became the target of calls for boycotts because they used theaters owned and operated by Stocks company.

Douglas Manchester owner of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Diego donated $125,000 in support of Proposition 8. and found his Hotel boycotted.  Terry Caster , the owner of A-1 Self Storage in San Diego , and a friend of Douglas Manchester persuaded him to make the donation and also made a hefty donation himself - he found his business boycotted as well.

Marjorie Christoffersen, a manager for El Coyote Restaurant in Los Angeles, and the niece of El Coyote founder, daughter of its current owner. Christoffersons family ties saved her job, but she was heavily pressured  after her restaurant was targeted because she had donated a measly $100 to the Yes on 8 campaign.

I am sick at heart that I have offended anyone in the gay community...I have been a member of the Mormon Church all my life and I responded to their request. This was a personal donation, not the El CoyoteIn like fashion, any employee can support anything of its choosing I dont know of another place on earth where such diversity exists in harmony, joy and mutual respect. I know boycotts are planned. It saddens me that my faith will keep you away from the Coyote. I cannot and I will not, no matter what, change my love and respect for you and your views.

Another Manager Billy Scheoppner, who is gay, announced that El Coyote would make two $5,000 contributions to Gay activist groups to avert the boycott . So basically El Coyote was legally extorted for $10,000 .  [See:El Coyote Boycott? Mormon Manager Faith Overrides For Customers ]

Lest anyone feel that only the rich and powerful are victims of harassment by the Gay Mafia consider the plights of Richard Reep, an employee of Home Depot. Home Depot was extensively harassed for employing Richard Reep, it is uncertain whether he was forced out or not, but Home Depot is known for being overly Gay Friendly at the expense of Family People. The same for Ace Hardware which was attacked for employing Prop. 8 donor Robert Frost. There were and continue to be many many more victims , both big and small, but the biggest victim is our liberty and Freedom which we claim to cherish so dearly, is the sunset of a free society is dawning ?

In 2009 Proposition 8 proponents aware of the vicious personal attacks being perpetrated against its supporters, filed a suit stating that the California campaign finance disclosure law has led to harassment of same sex marriage opponents but a federal judge refused to throw out the law or shield the donors.  The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1982 that the Socialist Workers Party of Ohio could shield its donors names due to a history of attacks and reprisals, but alas those protections are only extended to socio-fascists they do not work both ways.

'So what to do about this? Simply stand up to the radical gay lobby. Show how hollow their base of support really is. Band together to support businesses and individuals who come under attack, defend them, buy from them, rally to them openly and loudly. The gay lobby wields as much "moral authority" as it does simply because it is able to shout down anyone who opposes it because its members make noise disproportionate to their numbers and act in concert with one another, thus giving the appearance of more support than it really has. We need to do the same. Instead of just ducking your head down and staying out of the line of fire, take to the streets (sometimes literally) and stand up for those who are taking the right position of opposing the imposition of perversion onto our nation. Even something as little as grouping together to hit the comments section on news articles about this issue will help to show the "lurkers" out there that the base of support is not nearly as one-sided as the radical homosexuals try to portray. In short, make the noise that we should have been making decades ago when this whole ridiculous dog-and-pony show was just getting started. The gays only win the field if we fail to show up.'The gay mafia and the assault on free speech - By Tim Dunkin

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