Radical Lesbian Girl Scouting
Radical and Gay Infiltration of The Girl Scouts



By Ricardo Swift

The official line of the Girl Scout Hierarchy is "The Girl Scout organization does not discriminate, but we do not endorse any particular lifestyle," said Marsha Johnson Evans, the Girl Scouts national director. "And we do not recruit lesbians as a group. We have firm standards relating to appropriate conduct. We do not permit sexual display of any sort by our members.

Unfortunately, the facts prove otherwise, the agenda of the Girl Scout hierarchy is fully geared to further contribute to the disintegration of American Families and promote homosexuality.

Fact Vs. Facade - "we do not endorse any particular lifestyle" Well, not 'Officially" that is , Lesbian Feminist infiltration within the Girl Scouts has created a de-facto if not de-jure promotion and glorification of sexists, feminists, abortionists, lesbians.

Basically anything Anti-Family or Anti-Male. The seeds of gay anarchy are blatantly being sewn in the sensitive and impressionable young minds of Americas future Wives and Mothers .

Most radical feminist/lesbian groups are interconnected via coalitions, cross directorates / overlapping board members and staff, mutual projects, membership in umbrella organizations, etc.. .

This is most definitely the case with the Girl Scouts Hierarchy , which maintains memberships in a many radical feminist organizations and have many former and current staff and board members whom currently serve or have previously served in radical feminist / lesbian organizations.

Promoting Radical Lesbian Cults

1. Girl Scouts , as one of their badge requirements must research a website from a radical feminist group Global Fund for Women , an organization that funds groups such as ..

"A Lesbian Feminist Tornado,"

Women Sex Workers of Argentina,

Lesbians and Feminists for Decriminalizing Abortion

Orchids of the Sea Women Sex Workers' Movement,

Organization Trans, Queens of the Night ..

Many more questionable groups of which little data is available. - Complete List of Grantees 2009-10

2. Charlotte Bunch, an ultra left radical feminist is a founding member and current board member of this group. She authored this disturbing document stating that all feminists must be lesbians.

" Lesbians must become feminists and fight against woman oppression, just as Feminists must become Lesbians if they hope to end male supremacy.... Race, class, and national oppression's come from men, serve ruling class white men's interests, and have no place in a woman-identified revolution....Changes which will have more than token effects on our lives will be led by women-identified Lesbians who understand the nature of our oppression and are therefore in a position to end it." Lesbians in Revolt - by Charlotte Bunch

3. The Girl Scout Journey book "GIRLtopia" refer girl scouts to a warped radical feminist novel "*Gate To Womens Country *",written by a former Planned Parenthood director, and regional Girls Scout director. A perverse post-apocalyptic all-female society in which men are used as sex slaves , and slave labor.

4. The Girl Scouts, continuously and almost exclusively honor radical feminists with the "Women of Distinction" awards.

5. Girl Scouts continuously feature a high and disproportionate number of radical feminists and lesbians to address girls at their conventions?

6. The Girl Scout website directs kids to complete activities on Tolerance.org, which openly and actively promotes Gay causes .

7. The Girl Scout Cadette Media Journey Book directs girls to a website of Media Matters for America funded by extreme left wing lunatic and billionaire George Soros before believing anything they read in the news.

The organization seems to believe that this activity would go unnoticed, but as one sham is exposed and removed by the spin masters others are subtly put in their place. It's reminiscent of the 'wack the weasel' games played at some carnivals - as the weasel pops up from one hole and you slam it with the hammer it disappears and pops it's head out of another hole !!


Feminist and Lesbian Role Models

Women role models the Girl Scouts list in their Journey books. These are the women that young girls are supposed to look up to as Role Models, to emulate and strive to be like. Of the more than 50 women listed as role models for girls in the Girl Scout Journey books, why are there only two non leftist non feminist non lesbians (Sojourner Truth, and Mother Teresa)?

Pauli Murray: Founder of the Womens Rights Law Reporter, co-founder of the National Organization for Women.

Luisa Moreno: labor leader, social activist, member of the American Communist Party

Rigoberta Menchu: Guatemalan Marxist guerrilla

Rachel Carson: Marine biologist and writer, LESBIAN lover of Dorothy Freeman

Always, Rachel: The Letters of Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman, 1952-1964 - The Story of a Remarkable Friendship (Concord Library)

Elizabeth Gurley Flynn: Feminist, founding member of ACLU , chairwoman of the American Communist Party. She died during a visit to the Soviet Union, where she was accorded a state funeral.

Barbara Jordan: LESBIAN member of House of Representatives from 1973 to 1979

Shirley Chisholm: member of the House of Representatives from 1969 to 1983, founding member of the National Organization of Women, helped pass Title IX, homosexual advocate

Martina Navratilova: Female tennis champion ,Came out openly as a LESBIAN , spoke before the National March on Washington for Gay and Lesbian Rights, was a recipient of National Equality Award from the Human Rights Campaign

Billie Jean King: retired tennis champion, LESBIAN.

Ethel Mary Smyth: English composer, LESBIAN.

Betty Friedan: feminist ,Girl Scouts board of directors, Author -The Feminine Mystique ,- primary founder and first president of the National Organization for Women, Active in Marxist cliques, advocate of homosexual rights {privileges}

Dolores Huerta: Co-founder of the National Farm Workers Association , serves on boards of Feminist Majority Foundation, Staunch Gay and lesbian rights advocate,.

Annise Parker - Houston Mayor, LESBIAN. In 2011 Houston hosted a mayor Girl Scout Convention - in all likelihood steered to that city by it's Gayer Mayor.

Jeanette Rankin: first woman elected to the House of Representatives, R-Montana, voted against U.S. entry into World War I and II, founding vice-president of ACLU . Suspected Closet Lesbian

Adrienne Germain - prominent abortion rights activist

Sheri S. Tepper, An Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, feminist author and Girl Scout Director .

Simone de Beauvoir: French author of feminist books

Homosexual and Radical Staffers

Fact Vs. Facade "....And we do not recruit lesbians as a group" . Okay ..... , but why such a disproportionate number of Gays and Lesbians to heterosexual people in the Hierarchy - Now and in recent history ?

Joshua Ackley - Gay Cross-dresser, Lead man for the defunct homopunk band the Dead Betties. In publicity shots, he is dressed in womens clothing, and in music videos, he appears buck ass naked pretending to masturbate. The video for Hellevator portrays a young woman being harassed, stalked and brutally murdered in an elevator shaft while Joshua Ackley radiates a devious, almost Satanic grin. The video for Hellevator appeared on MTV, M2 and VH1.

Lynn Cothren {He's a he} The former Gay Director of Administration and Gay rights {Gay Privileges} advocate

Timothy Higdon - Former Girl Scout Chief of External Affairs, a man with impressive credentials - a very active Gay privileges activist, One time highly paid staff member of Amnesty International , Leader in the National Gay and Lesbian task force. Timothy Higdon Named Chief of External Affairs, Girl Scouts of the USA

Debra Nakatomi - Girl Scout Board Member ,Executive Secretary Lesbian Gay privileges {Rights} activist.

Deborah Taft Lesbian Gay privileges {Rights} activist allegedly recruited by Debra NakatomiDeborah Taft to Become Senior Vice President of Fund Development at Girl Scouts of the USABetty Friedan, Rabid radical feminist , co-founder of National Organization of Women and National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League. {until 1982}.

The List goes on and on. Ridiculously disproportional gay influence, legalized misappropriation of revenues raised by these girls and allegedly for these girls, diverted to Homosexual, and leftist causes and exorbitant salaries.

Why do the official Girl Scout biographies omit the Gay activism of its leading officers ,board members and high ranking staffers and disguise their history of activism in homosexual causes ? Do they have anyone in the upper echelon prominent in promoting heterosexuals, or traditional family values ?

Lesbians Reflect on their Scouting Experience.

The official Girl Scout policy available for pubic dissemination prohibits sexual activity on Girl Scouts time or property. But the book *On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experiencelesbian girl scout book *, sparked by gay encounters in the Girl Scouts tells an entirely different story.As well - an essay entitled All I Really Need to Know About Being a Lesbian I Learned at Girl Scout Camp, assorted tales of masculine stereotypical "Dike" counselors, counselors who dressed like men "wore men's clothes and had slicked back short hair," is ample testimony to the predominance of homosexuality tolerated by the Girl Scout Hierarchy. Another such essay is How My All-Girls Summer Camp Helped Me Become the Lesbian I Am Today

Some writers recall sleepovers and camp outs as opportunities for gay sex experimentation. Girl Scout staffers contributing to the book estimate that approximately a third of the paid staffers were lesbian.



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Girl Scouts start new troop in 'gay pride' center, invite 'LGBT' families and boys living as girls to join

Girl Scouts leadership: pro-choice, pro-gay ideologues - 'The official spokespersons carefully worded statements make small concessions, hoping to blow the smoke far enough away to divert attention from the incendiary truth: the leadership of today's Girl Scouts is driven by a liberal ideology far out of step with the families and churches that support them.'

Girl Scouts Promote 'Lesbianism, Abortion,' Pastor Claims While Urging Cookie Boycott

Girl Scouts Partner with Abortion Industry, ‘Anal Sex Tutorial’ Promoter

Former participants in Girl Scouts say the organization enjoys a “cozy relationship” with the abortion industry, including Planned Parenthood, and now Teen Vogue, a magazine that promotes “reproductive justice” and has offered a tutorial on anal sex.

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