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Evelyn Hooker Background

Relatively unknown outside the circles of Gay Activism, Evelyn Hookers Tainted Studies have contributed to the advancement of their political goals. Her studies put her in a class with Alfred Kinsey and his long since ridiculed and debunked studies which some like to cite as the ignition point of the sexual revolution.

Hooker, a professor at the University of California at LA is credited in the medical and psychological community, and most especially amongst Gay activists, with establishing that there is no measurable psychological difference between heterosexual and homosexual men.

Her work proposed that homosexuality is merely a normal minority variation of human sexuality. It was first published in the Journal of Projective Techniques in 1957, and is flaunted as proof that homosexual activity is a normal and valid lifestyle. Her 1957 study served as a basis for most of the later hyperbole of the Gay movements ideology, including the notion that any objection to the Gay agenda is born from an irrational fear, that they have since labeled 'homophobia.'

The American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973 only after years of political pressure from gay activists. The American Psychiatric association board of trustees passed this decision followed by a statement which listed among the reasons for their decision as changing social norms and growing gay rights activism .

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"The adjustment of the male overt homosexual" a Corrupted Study Lacking Objectivity

Hookers Studies, although lacking credibility of nonpartisan peer review was cited by advocates as another reason for their decision to remove homosexuality from the DSM in 1973.

Jeffrey Satinover wrote that Hookers work has helped the homosexual movement in keeping with the Marxist theories from which it came - to convince judicial and legislative bodies such as the US Supreme Court that homosexuality comprises an oppressed "class" whose rights have been trampled by irrational prejudice. Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth.

Hookers Studies however were the product of a deliberate campaign by Gay activists to bring forward particular, pre-arranged outcomes, an approach that ignores scientific objectivity.

Objectivity is a basic philosophical concept, related to reality and truth. Objectivity means the state or quality of being true even outside of a subject's individual biases, interpretations, feelings, and imaginings. Scientific Objectivity is a value that informs how scientific studies are conducted and how scientific truths are arrived at. It is the idea that scientists, in attempting to uncover truths about the natural world, must aspire to eliminate personal biases, emotional involvement, etc ... Hookers Studies failed the most basic of Litmus tests regarding Objectivity. Hooker was an associate of the Mattachine Society and was lobbied and eventually convinced to conduct a research study of homosexuality for the sole purpose of advancing their Agenda.

The study, "The adjustment of the male overt homosexual", Hooker administered several standardized personality tests to two sets of men, the first group of 30 was homosexual and heavily screened by the Mattachine Society and the other heterosexual. The whole purpose of the study was to examine the instances of mental instability in homosexuals, However, individuals who showed the slightest signs of mental instability were excluded , it was not a random test and was designed to arrive at predetermined results.

The studies subjects were not randomly selected. on the contrary they were chosen and screened entirely by the Mattachine Society, an organization that Hooker herself admitted in the report had as its stated purpose " the development of a homosexual ethic in order to better integrate the homosexual into society." The heterosexual subjects were obtained from "community organizations" which she refused to divulge. The inadequacy of her methodology was even acknowledged by the Journal that published it.

Hooker concluded her report by offering a set of "admissions" about the limitations of her study. In this section she concedes the possibility that homosexuals are indeed pathological, a point conveniently overlooked by the Gay Activists, but proven out by later and more reliable studies. So even though Dr. Hooker prostituted herself to the Mattachine Society, some element of the scientist had to shine through.

Scientific method describes a method for conducting an objective investigation. The scientific method involves making observations and conducting an experiment to test a hypothesis. An experiment or Study must be reproducible, which is important in science! If you have trouble duplicating results from one experiment to another then there is a flaw in your results.

Dr. Hookers study failed to remain within the parameters which are dictated by "Good Science" she did however remain within the parameters of "Good Propaganda' and served her sponsor well.

Reputable Peer Reviewed Studies that contradict Hookers Findings

The following studies are ones which remained within the parameters of Good Science.

1.} Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Studies Sexual minority status and psychotic symptoms Jan. 2014

The aim of this study was to examine whether sexual minorities are at increased risk for psychotic symptoms and to explore mediating pathways. The study concluded that homosexual orientation is most definitely associated with psychotic symptoms and further states that the study adds to the growing body of literature linking minority status with psychosis and other mental health problems. In an effort to remain politically correct the paper presented goes on to suggest that their findings are possibly due to experiences of discrimination and social exclusion.

The risk of psychotic symptoms is two to three times greater among homosexual participants in the study than among heterosexual participants. The researchers found this result using data from the Netherlands Mental Health and Incidence Studies (NEMESIS-1 and NEMESIS-2), two large-scale epidemiological studies which aim to investigate how often mental health problems occur in the general population. Sexual minority status and psychotic symptoms

2.} Dr. Apu Chakraborty of University College London, UK.This Study explored the rates of mental disorder among 7,403 adults living in the UK, whose details were obtained from the Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey 2007. Rates of depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and alcohol and drug dependence were significantly higher in homosexual respondents. Hookers "study" only used two groups of 30 men each, and the homosexual respondents were hand picked, where as in the University College Study they were not. Higher Risk of Mental Health Problems for Homosexuals.

Elevated levels of psychiatric problems in non heterosexual people are "very worrying and call not only for a response by professionals in primary care and mental health services but also efforts at prevention," Apu Chakraborty, PhD, MSc, MRCPsych, of the Department of Mental Health Sciences, University College London, United Kingdom, and colleagues conclude. Medscape.com

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