Comic Books and The Gay Agenda

Leftist Tactics of Mental Manipulation

By R. J. Swift - Enigmose Political

What is Spiderman's secret identity ? - If you answered Peter Parker you are Wrong. Peter Parker was killed off in issue 160 . He has since been replaced by a Black Latino suggestively Gay Miles Morales.

In the Golden age of Comics, Children were the targeted Market, Comics stressed traditional values, Superman was noted as an advocate of 'truth, justice, and the American way.'

In more recent Comics and particularly the Movie offshoots such as X-men subtly ridiculing truth justice and the American Way, and promoting a societal sense of self loathing, decadent and degenerate morals, and a lack of values is worming its way into juvenile literature.

Comics are being utilized by leftists to make social statements and hammer an agenda into the juvenile mind. The trend began developing in the 90s and has continued unabated ever since. One of the early attempts was a character named Northstar . He is one of the first out of the closet gay superheroes and the first openly gay character to come out in a Marvel Comic book .

Brainwashing, behavioral modification, thought control, thought reform to succeed needs to be able to bypass the rational thinking part of the brain and implant the suggestions and commands to Conform, Obey and follow. See - Brainwashing. Adventure Fantasies such as Comic Books are a ripe opportunity for mental manipulators to gain programming access in order to circumvent the natural evolution of intellectual development in a young person.

A 1992 NY Times article took note of this disturbing trend 'The new story lines suggest that gay Americans are gradually being accepted in mainstream popular culture. . . . Mainstream culture will one day make its peace with gay Americans.' NY Times Archive Article

NorthStar married his gay partner in Astonishing X-Men #51, published in June 2012.

No comic book super hero has a spouse, sometimes an insinuated romantic relationship, but rarely a spouse - so why is it that the mental manipulators chose to have Northstar marry another man at the height of the Gay Marriage campaign. ?

Editor-in-Chief at Marvel Comics issued the following statement:

'For over 70 years, Marvels comics have reflected the world outside your window and Astonishing X-Men #50 carries on that tradition. We are proud to create stories that are not only relevant to the issues facing a modern audience but that also explore these nuanced subjects in a compelling manner. We have planned the release of this comic for over a year but the recent discussion of gay marriage, spurred by the comments of President Obama, makes the release of Astonishing X-Men #50 even more timely. The passionate discourse between our fans on both sides of this matter shows that we have struck a chord with our millions of fans around the world.'

X- Men

X-Men: First Class was a blockbuster viewed by millions. Very few knew they were being manipulated by gay propaganda. The film uses metaphors traditionally assigned to the gay community in presenting their 'mutant' super heroes and strives to form a mental if not subliminal correlation between their fictional superheroes and real life homosexuals.

X-Men mutants struggle with societies reluctance to accept their mutations 'coming out', a term closely identified with gays 'coming out' of the closet is supplanted with X-Men superheroes coming out with their mutations/super powers.

Gay Comic Book Characters

Gay Agendaites, in particular gay screen writer Dan Harris who wrote the screenplay for X2 and gay screenwriter Michael Dougherty who was his co-conspirator, admit that they portray the X-Men mutancy as Gay propaganda in its attempt to implant largely through semi subliminal metaphors further acceptance of homosexuality in society. They desire the audience , if only subconsciously to see Gays as Superheroes.

...some behind the X-Men movies want their audience to see X-Men as superheroes coming out, as analogous to gays coming out of the closet, and their superpowers, as analogous to homosexual lifestyles. [1]

.Singer and his screenwriters equipped X-Men and X2 with the rhetorical stealth needed to fly below the gaydar of many critics and audience members. [2]

DC comics, the publishers of Batman and Superman, introduced a gay character the Pied Piper ironically and appropriately named as the Gay Media seeks to draw in more and more young people to follow their piper.

They also began introducing AIDS related themes to their Flash series starting in 1991.

The Green Lantern, another DC staple character - originally a married father of two suddenly emerges as Gay, his children miraculously become non-existent.

Gay MediaGay Spongebobquote gay publication

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