The mysterious case of the people
who ate fish tank cleaner

The story the drive-by media didn't tell you:

Mystery Fishtank Cleaner

By Andrea Widburg

Shortly after President Trump touted chloroquine as a potential cure for COVID-19, the media triumphantly reported that a man died from taking homemade chloroquine due to Trump’s recommendation. It turned out that the man’s wife fed him some fish tank cleaner. She even partook of it with him, except that he died while she didn’t. As a dedicated murder mystery reader, I didn’t blame Trump. My suspicions were focused elsewhere. It turns out my instincts may have been right on the money. Here’s the story the drive-by media didn't tell you:

On March 20, President Trump expressed his hope that chloroquine (also prescribed as hydroxychloroquine) might be an effective way to treat COVID-19, especially when used in conjunction with Azithromycin, an antibiotic. The next day, he reiterated that hope in a tweet.

Two days later, Axios reported, “Man dies after self-medicating with chloroquine phosphate.” Axios articles have bullet points to guide readers. In the case of what was a brief, and seemingly bizarre, news squiblet, the bullet points said “Why it matters,” “Worth noting,” and “Go deeper.” That last bullet point led readers to an article entitled “Trump touts drugs not yet approved by FDA for treating coronavirus.” The reader could almost hear the Axios editors adding, “hint, hint.”

Sure enough, by March 24, the narrative was in place. President Trump was responsible for killing a man and almost killing a woman. Indeed, these narratives were not subtle. This NPR tweet is a stand-in for what all the media outlets were doing:

By March 30, thanks to some excellent reporting from the Washington Free Beacon, there was more information about the woman who survived. Most people noted the fact that she was a fanatic anti-Trumper and “pro-science” person. In the post I wrote for publication on March 31, I obsessed about something different, which was the fact that the story didn’t ring true:

Either this couple was staggeringly stupid (which is, admittedly, a possibility) or, as he said, something doesn’t compute. The whole thing reads like something out of a mystery novel, with the narrative being too pat: Trump is hopeful about a drug, a Trump-hating woman “spontaneously” decides that Trump explicitly recommended eating fish tank cleaner, her husband dies, and the media have a ready-made headline. No matter how you spin it, it’s a fishy story, at best.

Had I been keeping up with Techno Fog on Twitter, I wouldn’t have been so delicate in my hints. It turns out that “Court records show the wife who fed her husband fish cleaner (poison?) has a history of mental illness (paranoia, depression) and had considered divorcing her husband as far back as 2012" .... Full Article - Andrea Widburg - American Thinker

Psychotic Liberal Narcissism

Liberal Cry Babies

In 'Liberalism is a Mental Disorder' author Michael Savage argued that the typical Liberal is mentally deranged, which is something most sane people already knew. In 'The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness' Dr. Lyle Rossiter took the thesis a step further when he described Liberal progressive ideology as a psychological malady that denies personal responsibility and encourages self-pity. Freelance journalist Rusty Weiss in an article for the Political Insider [1] argues that Liberalism is not a newly discovered or novel mental disorder at all, but simply a manifestation of an already studied psychological issue known as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

A new born infant is unaware that the mother is not part of the self, as it grows it is not fully aware that the external world does not exist to cater to the self. Sane people outgrow this as they mature, Liberals do not - they retain an inbred sense of self importance and are unable to subconsciously admit that reality in this matrix is not designed around them. Not only do Liberal Narcissists never fully emerge from the nurturing womb but the socio-fascist liberal progressive machine reinforces that tendency as a means of retaining control.