False Narratives of the Liberal Left

Why tell the Truth when a Lie will Do ?

By Rick Gordon - Enigmose Political

False narratives are spun by the liberal progressive machine with the intent of molding public perceptions to the desired level of sublime ignorance. Sublime being a relative term that is defined as "very beautiful or good, causing strong feelings of admiration or wonder" so although it is 'sublime' to the yarn spinner, in reality it is simply ignorance - 'sublime' Ignorance.

Liberal Progressive ideology, is a religion built on a foundation of false narratives. In some cases the narratives are actually based on shreds and fiber of reality, but such is the nature of this insidious monstrosity of a political ideology that honesty, even small threads of truth easily cause runs and tears in the narrative.

Once a theme is established within the progressive machine, all mechanization's, every gear, lever, and pulley must fall into line to work towards the perpetuation of that particular element of the [false] narrative. No sheep may be permitted to stray from the official party line lest they cause a run or tear in the narrative.

Methodologies of creating false narratives rely on insufficient or inaccurate information. Intentional omissions and or distortions of factual data and outright deception. When masterfully executed, false narratives create a perception totally detached from reality and generally devoid of truth. In fact the liberal narrative is at times so far detached from reality that it falls into the realm of fantasy.


False narratives are spun for any number of reasons, one prime reason is to instill an Oppression Mentality. No Social rebellion, upheaval or Revolution has ever been realized without instilling an Oppression mentality in the rebellious class.

False narratives are also created and disseminated to make heroes out of villains and vice versa. Such as the Harvey Milk scenario. Harvey Milk, a child molesting drug peddling pervert presented as a Hero, or vice versa Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump, Populist Heroes propagandized into demons.

False narratives are also disseminated to suppress American exceptionalism. One current day example is the Global Warming farce. As per Al Gore the father of this lie 'the world would reach a 'point of no return' in a mere ten years. He called it a 'true planetary emergency.' Well, the ten years passed a long time ago' - nada.

Elitist Corporate Media

Global warming is neither proven or disproven, but try to deny it and any useful idiot on the left will foam at the mouth vomit out pea soup while pointing their finger at you while screaming 'Sacrelig - Heretic !!!'

In the media age, false narratives are delivered to the masses via newspapers, broadcast news and internet conduits. This fact has resulted in an obsession among the ruling elite to control and manipulate as much of this 'programming' as is feasible. Recent estimates demonstrate the 6 media megaliths control over 90% of everything we see and read [1]. That includes News as well as entertainment. Out of these 6 media giants 5 are liberally dominated and owned and seem hell bent on disassembling American exceptionalism.

Long before these corporate monstrosities captured the media, Liberal idiots aka useful idiots had entrenched themselves in the bunkers and foxholes on the front lines of indoctrination.

False Narratives Vietnam Era to the Present

The Vietnam era saw the initiation of the present day level of false narratives vomited on the American Public. My favorite and perhaps one of the most blatant examples is the wall within. B. G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley, in their book Stolen Valor, exposed this CBS scam, but not till years after it had taken its toll.

genocide following socialists Indochina 'victories'

On a June 1988, hour-long special CBS Reports: The Wall Within, one Vet Terry Bradley, told Dan Rather he had tortured and skinned alive whole Vietnamese families, 50 men, women, and children in a single hour. Another vet described slaughtering hordes of Vietnamese civilians, and blaming the North Vietnamese. In all the show presented 6 Vietnam Vets with horror stories of Gruesome American Atrocities committed in Vietnam.

The show was praised by critics, the Washington Post, a liberal rag at the time, called it extraordinarily powerful.

After America withdrew from the conflict[s], not only Vietnam but Laos and Cambodia fell to the evil empire of the era and American Liberals were touting the idea that we should 'celebrate the Victories of the Indochinese peoples'

Fast Forward - THE 21ST CENTURY - and the lefts false narratives have permeated society at almost every level. Sexual deviance and perversions are touted as homogeneous and healthy, the family structure as degenerate and decadent, American exceptionalism as evil and imperialistic. The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS suddenly become victims of Western aggression and the American History is steadily revised to depict us as Satanic war mongering imperialists.

Years later - Burkett and Whitley obtained the service records of all six soldiers, documenting where each was stationed throughout the Vietnam War. Only one of the men actually served in Vietnam; he claimed he was a Navy SEAL, but the records contradicted his claims and listed him as an equipment repairman , the other 5 never even set foot on Vietnamese soil. A completely fabricated and false narrative viewed by Millions. See - Vietnam Propaganda - The Wall Within

This was not the first time CBS had deliberately presented false narratives and it certainly wouldn't be the last. In 1982 they had run another anti- American series regarding false body counts in Vietnam. The show was proven bogus, the narrative exposed only after they were sued by General Westmoreland, commander of US Forces in Vietnam, did they issue a half baked apology. [4]

The genre of incidents cited from CBS were rampant during the Vietnam Era, the media was complicit in disseminating false news narratives and implanting a negative image of America in the public mind - the defenders of the free world suddenly became the villains and war pigs in the minds of a new generation.

The Liberal narrative is spun not only via slanted and distorted News programming [It's called 'programming' for a reason] but also in the entertainment Industry .

One good example of Liberal Progressives rewriting History is Lee Daniels The Butler which takes the viewer on a magical mystery tour through a progressive never never land.

I do mean NEVER - NEVER, because the cinematic trash touting itself as History NEVER happened. It is a red herring creating false scenario after false scenario and presenting them as fact. The only fact about this Big Screen Flop is that it is about 80% Fiction backed up by 10% fact propped up by 10% speculation. See: The Butler

The Untold History of the United States is another example, it is a collection of distorted History and blatant left wing propaganda derived from the warped mind of none other than the man who brought you the tripe trash films JFK, and Born on the Fourth of July - Oliver Stone. It attempts to depict the United States as humanities nemesis. Some of the heroes of this ludicrous attempt at rewriting History include Lenin, Stalin and Sadaam Hussein.

The Roots saga by Alex Haley - where Kunta Kinte, the Authors supposed ancestor went off into the woods to fetch wood for a drum, was captured by white slavers never to be seen in Africa again.

Alex Haley first claimed this to be a true and researched portrayal of his ancestor[s]. However it was later proven that Kinte's life was apparently taken from a fictional book, The African by Harold Courlander, and Haley was sued for Plagiarism. Neither Haley or Courlander, Author of the African acknowledged the fact that slaves taken in the way Kunta Kinte was taken were an extreme rarity. I am not accusing Mr. Haley of being a Liberal Progressive propagandist, he is more a victim of the Oppression Mentality and prior Historical Revisionism drilled into him, as it has been to many African American intellectuals. It perpetuates myths aka false narratives forged in the anal minds of Liberal pomposity regarding African American History.

In the schools Traditional History classes focused on real, as opposed to imagined U.S. history. The new Advanced Placement(AP) history curriculum represents hard-core Socialist and Marxist propaganda and indoctrination. The new curriculum grossly exaggerates and distorts both real or perceived historical injustices while presenting history in a socialistic collectivist mold. It denigrates and downplays Americas historical development and contributions to world society , no good by America is left untarnished and no extracted liberties left un-besmirched. Yes - this is the crap THEY are teaching your kids - wake TF Up ! See - College Board Institutionalizing Historical Revisionism

LGBT False Narratives

Feeling themselves victorious after decades of battering at the gates of societies moral fiber, the gay agenda movement has begun taking the battle to the next level. Transsexualism, pedophilia [2] [Yes baby boinkers] and assorted sexual deviants are now being promoted and blasted at the public. A degenerate Bruce Jenner, a MAN with a twisted identity crisis who decides he wants to be Woman - dresses as a woman and is hailed as a Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine. A push for transsexual access to whatever bathroom they choose and whatever gender that they 'self identify' with at the time. The Gay movement, in support of pedophiles is pushing to have the age of consent lowered in many areas. Whatever perverted agenda is being pushed at any given time you can expect to see the entire liberal progressive machine fall into line.

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