Democrats Likely to Dump Biden

Democrat power brokers survey the constantly shifting
ground in the lead-up to the national election

Raegotte Report

As Democrat power brokers survey the constantly shifting ground in the lead-up to the national election, it is not hard to guess the candidate strategy discussions going on in their super-secret supervillain lairs.

Plan A: Hide a Biden

The first strategy is to run nobody at all, which is another way of saying they stick with Joe Biden. The idea here is to use the current COVID-19 environment to keep Joe Biden safely tucked away and quiet while the media and surrogates do the heavy reinvention.

This is not an altogether bad strategy and probably the best one they have if Biden remains the candidate since it is becoming obvious to everyone not named Joe Biden that Biden's sharpest days are long behind him. Let's be honest: he was never that sharp even in his glory days, but he was certainly a lot more lucid when he helped spearhead the despicable character assassination of Robert Bork.

What commends this strategy is that national presidential elections tend to be referenda on the incumbent. With that in mind, there are worse ideas than sticking a muzzle on ole Joe and hiding him under a rock, or in a bunker full of rubber toys. ...

Plan B: The Cuomo Shuffle

The problem for Democrats is that, even at that, Biden might actually be worse than an empty chair. Despite their best efforts, far too many people are catching on to the fact that Biden is a walking punch line and not the kind of person you would want leading Liechtenstein, let alone the United States. Full Story - Fletch Daniels - American Thinker

Pelosi Crime Family

Pelosi Crime Family

Apples Never Fall Far From The Tree and Nancy Pelosi is living proof. Her father was a Mafia Stooge. She and most of her offspring have followed suit as privileged DemoBrats.

JFK demanded that her fathers involvement with Baltimore Organized crime be investigated he ordered an investigation of "Allegation of his involvement with Baltimore hoodlums”. His lineage, which includes Nancy Pelosi, has been "above the Law" for many years.