For Democrats,
rules are for the little people

Democrat party doesn’t think
that the rules apply to its leading members.

Raegotte Report

Across America, people are being told “stay in your homes” (even if it bankrupts you), “keep social distance” (even if you’re married to each other), and “wear masks” (to help save your fellow citizens). Democrats, of course, are the most hysterical about these rules because, after all, they have to make this whole epidemic appear in the worst light possible to tar Trump with it. What’s unpleasant is that the same Democrat party that is insisting that everyone will die – and that chloroquine won’t work – doesn’t think that the rules apply to its leading members.

Yesterday, Americans learned that, lockdown or not, Mayor Bill de Blasio still needs to make the 12-mile drive from Gracie Mansion to Brooklyn’s Prospect Park so that he can exercise. Unlike other people, he’s special:

DeBlasio’s not the only “special” Democrat politician. Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, has been adamant that her city’s citizens lock themselves away from the world:

For Lightfoot, though, all rules she strongly espouses are for the little people. If you’re the mayor, you can get your hair styled, a decidedly non-essential job. It turns out that the mayor, in her own words, is “a person who [takes] personal hygiene very seriously and I felt like I needed to have a haircut. So I got a haircut.”

We see the same behavior with Democrats in the media. During the second half of March, as media figures were accelerating the panic about COVID-19 to increase the blame they could hurl at Trump, they were sitting in packed White House press briefings. It was Trump who reminded them about social distancing. Even now, if you look at any White House press briefing, none of the reporters are wearing masks. Full Story - American Thinker - Andrea Widburg

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